Erika Almanzar

My name is Erika Almanzar. I am a nerd. And I will remain a nerd until forever. I love English and anything that has to do with writing. It is a passion of mine that was planted when I was in middle school and has blossomed throughout the years. And now it is struggling to come out as I am approaching mature adulthood. I don't think I've quite gotten there yet. I am a loving, caring person that will stop and help a friend in need. I love to try new things and get out there. I am very shy, I will admit. But that doesn't stop me from at least attempting to try. Shyness gets the better of people but I don't think it should rule my life. I love writing poetry as well as a few stories. My favorite genre is horror. I love a thrill of a beating heart. I want to try and work with writing as much as I can. I want to try any type of writing there is out there. I am a student at the University of New Mexico, and I hope to graduate soon.

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