21 Things Girls Do That Guys Don’t Understand

21 Things Girls Do That Guys Don’t Understand


1. Why girls ask for more than just a simple answer.

They ask for details. Because just one small detail isn’t enough. We know that there is more to the story, and curiosity gets the best of us. Doesn’t it get everyone?

2. Girls going to the bathroom together.

Yeah, this may seem pretty weird. But girls like to gossip while in the bathroom. And being in the bathroom is the only place safe from any guys. Enough said.

3. Why girls take so much time to get ready.

Because things have to match. Each color has to be coordinated correctly. Otherwise the whole day is out of whack.

4. Why girls always have something bad to say about another girl.

This is a mystery. Girls want to be friendly with every other girl. They know that they need to stand together. But, sometimes, something feels so good by saying that a girl’s outfit makes her look fat. It gives off a certain type of confidence about them, even though that is incredibly wrong.  

5. How women can remember who pays for what.

Guys pay for an entire date out and they forget about it afterwards. Women will keep track of that, especially if someone owes money. This is a great money-management skill, honestly.

6. How women remember every little detail even if it’s been a few years.

What if something important happens? That detail can be very helpful even years later. Especially when it comes to anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant dates. We can’t forget those. Ever.

7. Girls tell their girlfriends everything.

Nothing is safe from them. We need advice and a way to vent. We need feedback on everything that happens and we need a reason to feel better about ourselves if something bad happens. Telling our girlfriends helps us realize small details and helps us really look at the big picture. It’s always good to have another person help you grab all the details.

8. How a girl can stand to go shopping for an entire day.

We all need something that we love to do. An activity that helps us keep our minds off certain things. Well, shopping just happens to be a girl’s best friend.

9. Saying “I’m fine” when she really isn’t.

Sometimes she just doesn’t want to cause any more problems by saying that there is something wrong. So, saying, “I’m fine,” helps leave things alone and move things forward.  

10. Why girls fall in love with romantic sappy stuff.

Especially with the stuff that doesn’t happen in real life. But, sometimes, it’s a comforting feeling to know that things that happen in movies can have a possibility to happen in real life. The feeling that movies give off when the girl meets her Prince Charming or when the guy goes out of his way to make a girl fall in love with him - those are some seriously amazing feelings being conjured up right there.

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11. Why do women have so many shoes?

Because certain shoes  go with certain outfits. Shoes just complete the entire look. Plus, a good pair of shoes helps reflect a lot of confidence.

12. Why women pay so much for their haircuts when they pretty much look the same before and after the cut.

Yet men look completely different before and after the cut. This is a mystery to us too. We have a certain picture in our head when we go into the salon and somehow we always come out with something that is the complete opposite of our vision.

13. Why they have so much stuff in their purse.

Because a girl can never be too prepared for an emergency. What if someone needs a pen? A band aid? Some lotion? Well, a girl is ready and packed for anything.

14. Why, when someone wears the same outfit, it bothers the girl so much.

Because when a girl puts on that outfit she feels like she can take over the world. But when someone else wears the same outfit, all that confidence goes out the window and is replaced with self consciousness.

15. Why does it feel so good to take off your bra after a long day?

Because throughout the day it feels like your boobs are being trapped and confined. But after all that, you can finally let them breathe. It’s like taking off a painful pair of shoes at the end of the day.

16. Why women don’t appreciate catcalls.

Because it just becomes irritating. The catcalling makes a woman feel as if she is nothing more than a piece of meat that they are admiring and debating whether to take home or not. She is not a piece of meat. She is an intelligent human being, just like a man, and would love them to acknowledge that there is a brain there.


17. Why do bras cost so much?

That is a very good question, and a complete mystery to us as well.

18. Why do women have so many pillows on their couch and/or bed?

Because it looks nice, and being comfortable is a must.

19. Why women have so many of one kind of shirt/pants/dress/pairs of shoes.

If something looks good in one color, why not get it in another (or two or three)? You can never have too much of a good thing.

20. Period pain is no joke.

A woman doesn’t appreciate being poked or being told, “Oh, it’s not that bad.” Go through pain where it feels like you’re being repeatedly punched in the gut, and then we can talk.

21. There is a difference between pantyhose, leggings, and tights.

Each type gives off a certain layer and a certain look. And pairing it with the right shirt and jacket combo can really create an amazing outfit. 

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