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March 2015 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Hail to the Chief Scholarship Winner

March 02, 2015

Anil Kandhai, Polytechnic University Brooklyn

Anil Kandhai

Polytechnic University Brooklyn

"As a senior finishing high school, the one thing that rests on my mind is how I would pay for college. By being rewarded this scholarship, if feels like all the time and effort that I put in during my high school career was worth it and is paying off in the end. I plan to attend Polytechnic Institute of New York University and major in computer science. Thank you a lot ScholarshipPoints for helping me pay for college."

$1,000 Cupid's Arrow Scholarship Winner

March 02, 2015

Trevor Foster,

Trevor Foster

No School Listed

"I am so grateful for being selected for this scholarship. Finding a way to help pay for college has been stressful but receiving this makes all the time and effort worth it. My college choice is undecided right now but I plan on attending a 4-year college in the fall and majoring in economics. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints for helping me pay for college!"

$1,000 Mardi Gras Scholarship Winner

March 02, 2015

Athena Kaldis,

Athena Kaldis

No School Listed

"As a junior in high school, I am so excited, thankful, and honored to have won my very first scholarship. I plan to pursue an education in the field of medicine. Winning this award will help to pay for my education and is a beginning to endless possibilities. ScholarshipPoints, thank you for supporting my education!"

Inbox Dollars $500 Scholarship Winner

March 02, 2015

Katelyn Johnston, University of Central Missouri

Katelyn Johnston

University of Central Missouri

"I am so thankful to have won this scholarship. This is the first scholarship that I have ever won and every bit helps. I plan to study something in education"

$10,000 March 2015 Scholarship Winner

March 16, 2015

Breana Eubanks, Cornell University

Breana Eubanks

Cornell University

"This is the first time I've ever won a scholarship and I'm so happy!! My mom was also super happy and we are so very grateful. I am majoring in business and this will be very useful."

February 2015 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Buck the Winter Blues Scholarship Winner

February 02, 2015

samantha Winer,

Samantha Winer

No School Listed

"I am so thankful for being picked for this scholarship. It will help me pay for my college. I want to go to Great Bay Community College for two years to get my general education course and then transfer to the University of New Hampshire so I can save some money. I work part time and I am a full time student. I am paying for college all by my self and this scholarship has made paying for college that much simpler! Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,000 Conquer Your Resolution Scholarship Winner

February 02, 2015

Cheryl Watkins,

Cheryl Watkins

No School Listed

"Thank you so much for your awesome generosity! It was very unexpected and such a wonderful surprise! This will help pay for part of my class. Again, thank you so very much. Going back to school at my age isn't so easy as it is, let alone financially, but enjoying it! "

$1,000 Happy New Year Scholarship Winner

February 02, 2015

Ronald Maday, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Ronald Maday

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"I am very pleased and humbled that I won a scholarship through Scholarship Points. This gift will help me and my wife out greatly as I pursue my desire to be a pastor and theologian. Thank you again, Scholarship Points; I hope to be hearing from you guys again as I apply for my scholarships. To everyone reading this, it is worth it to apply through this website. It is very easy to do and the rewards are worth it."

January 2015 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Wrap It Up Scholarship Winner

January 02, 2015

Jeanie Traitz,

Jeanie Traitz

No School Listed

"I cannot begin to even describe how honored I am to have received this scholarship. This is the first time I received any sort of scholarship, and the fact that my hard work was recognized truly paid off. I plan to use this scholarship money towards tuition so I can attend the University of Georgia and study sports medicine. Once again, thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! Thank you for this amazing opportunity! "

$1,000 Gingerbread Housing Scholarship Winner

January 02, 2015

Evan Grant, Texas A & M University At College Station

Evan Grant

Texas A & M University At College Station

"I am highly honored to able to receive this scholarship. When I came across ScholarshipPoints on the internet, I decided to apply for their housing scholarship. Imagine my delight when I won $1,000! Now I had the money to be able to choose the college home that was the best fit for me. I have to thank ScholarshipPoints for the opportunity to ensure that I have the best college experience possible."

$1,000 Frosty the Doughman Scholarship Winner

January 02, 2015

Serin Mathew,

Serin Mathew

No School Listed

"I am studying Occupational Therapy Assistant at Keriser University in Tampa, Fl. I am so happy to receiving this scholarship; this is my first time receiving any scholarship. I never thought I would be a winner. I am planning to use this money to pay my tuition. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for giving me this opportunity. "

$20,000 ScholarshipPoints Ultimate Full-Ride Scholarship Winner

January 05, 2015

Rachel Estelow, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Rachel Estelow

Rutgers University - New Brunswick

"I am so grateful to be honored with this Ultimate Full Ride Scholarship. It means so much to my family and I by relieving some financial bruden. I am a freshmen at Rutgers University in New Brunswick studying Biology on the pre-med track, aspiring to be a Radiologist one day. This scholarship will help me become that much closer to fulfilling my dreams!"

$3,000 Toluna Scholarship Winner

January 05, 2015

Kwame Hunter, Pierce College Puyallup

Kwame Hunter

Pierce College Puyallup

"I can't describe how highly honored I am to have won this scholarship. When I came across ScholarshipPoints I thought to myself maybe I should give this a try. I kept thinking that I wanted to win a scholarship and now I did. I'm really excited to start school in the summer. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for making this happen!"

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