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American Consumer Opinion $2,000 Scholarship Winner


February 05, 2019

Jordan Howard, Colorado Technical University-Online

Jordan Howard

Colorado Technical University-Online

"Hello Everyone, My name is Jordan Howard and I am 24 years old. I am currently Taking the online course at Colorado Technical University for Business Administration. Although this year is also my first year in college, I plan to use this Scholarship to better myself Educationally by getting new school materials and and paying on my Tuition. "

$1,000 De Novo Scholarship 2019 Winner


February 05, 2019

Kachina Pfister, University of Nevada-Reno

Kachina Pfister

University of Nevada-Reno

"I was skeptical about this website because it was luck of the draw in order to win, but once I got my email saying that I had won a scholarship I started to believe that it was possible to win these types of scholarships. Winning this scholarship will help me in college tremendously because I am in an out of state college in a single parent household so I don't get many grants. Even with a little bit of scholarship money it'll help me not have to take out so many loans to be able to go to school."

$1,000 Ascend Scholarship 2019 Winner


February 05, 2019

Chloe Shanahan,

Chloe Shanahan

No School Listed

"I am a high school senior, who recently got accepted into my dream school. I never imagined getting accepted so I was not ready to face the financial side of what it would mean to attend that college for four years. This scholarship will get me one step closer to affording my dream school. This year, I have been very busy, filling out scholarships like crazy and staying involved in the things I love. In this past year, I have spent a lot of time with sports, clubs, and friends. It has made for an amazing senior year, the best year I've had so far. "

$1,000 Socrates Scholarship 2019 Winner


February 05, 2019

Jesselyn Smuin, Highland High School

Jesselyn Smuin

No School Listed

"I am currently a junior in High School and very stressed about the cost of college tuition. I plan on going into Elementary Education and have started taking the classes that I can while still in High School. I know as a school teacher I will not be making a lot of money to pay back student loans and so am very desperate in seeking help from as many scholarships and grants as I can obtain. This scholarship can help achieve my goal in receiving help."