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December 2018 Scholarship Winners

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$1,000 Expanse Scholarship Winner


December 03, 2018

LaShaunda Brooks, Connors State College

LaShaunda Brooks

Connors State College

"Hello, my name is Lashaunda Brooks I’m starting Connors State College in January. I’m very grateful for this scholarship I am receiving. I plan on furthering my interest in nursing. I would like to attend OSU following my associates at Connors. This scholarship would help me start on the path of success for my one year old. Thank you for this opportunity."

$1,000 Flourish Scholarship Winner


December 03, 2018

Kaitlyn Mears,

Kaitlyn Mears

No School Listed

"Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Mears and I'm a non-traditional student going back to school full time after medical issues and costs have kept me away. I'm so grateful for this scholarship opportunity so that I can afford going back to school. This scholarship is one step closer in helping me get my psychology degree so that I can be of help to many people who are struggling. My aim for a specialty will be LGBTQ issues as well as autism. Thank you so much for this scholarship! This means a lot to me."

$1,000 Genius Loci Scholarship Winner


December 03, 2018