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January 2020 Scholarship Winners

$3,000 iGain Scholarship 2018-2019 Winner

Alexandria Romei

No School Listed

"Hello! My name is Alexandria Romei. I am currently 18 years old and just graduated high school last year, as valedictorian of the senior class. When I got accepted into university and could not afford it, I was really sad but then I realized I didn't have to change my dreams, rather the timeline. Instead of losing hope, I enrolled in community college while working to save for university. My goal is to go to the University of California, San Diego starting fall 2020, to get my Ph.D. in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. I am already working towards my degree and have been since I started college while in 11th grade of high school. I am ambitious and determined. I won't let the high costs of university get in my way. This is the first scholarship I've ever earned of which I am incredibly grateful for! Ever since I heard that I won it, I have been feeling blessed beyond belief. I appreciate the value of this so much, as it will truly help me tremendously to be able to go to University and complete my education."

$1,000 Ascend Scholarship 2020 Winner

Braden Boyer

No School Listed

"Hi, my name is Braden. I am very blessed to receive this scholarship. I am a current graduate student at the University of Utah getting a Masters in Healthcare Administration. Having to pay tuition has been stressful for me as I am recently married and only a full-time student. This scholarship will help me be ready to make a difference in the healthcare industry as I aim to have minimal debt upon graduation. I am very grateful for this opportunity."

$1,000 De Novo Scholarship 2020 Winner

Amira Boodoosingh

CUNY LaGuardia Community College

"Hello! My name is Amira Boodoosingh, and I am a student at LaGuardia Community College. This scholarship will most definitely help me in regards to continuing my very competitive, and pricey education. Being one to switch majors, figuring out what I truly wanted to do, I, unfortunately, used quite a lot of money on certain classes that didn’t fit my new major's requirements. I am an Undeclared Pre- Med major, looking into Occupational Therapy Assistant. This money will without a doubt, put me more at ease with my financial situation since money has been extremely tight due to my mother's injury, which unfortunately caused her to stay out of work for a few months now. Therefore, this money will be of huge help, towards me and my mother. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this scholarship. Thank-you Scholarship Points!"

$1,000 Socrates Scholarship 2020 Winner

Alfonso NavarreteMojica

New York University

"My name is Alfonso Navarrete-Mojica, I am a Dual Degree masters student studying Child Development and Social work in New york. This scholarship will help me purchase the necessary materials and books for the semester, allowing me to fully engage and immerse myself in the classes. Graduate school has been difficult to balance with living in a whole new state, to paying tuition, and attending class and internships. This scholarship will help me better balance my budget and push me to finish and start my career. Thank you so so much for the opportunity!!"