4 Things You Learn When You Go to School in a Big City

4 Things You Learn When You Go to School in a Big City

There are many things that come with deciding to go to college, minus the thought of whether to go to college or not, but wh​ere to go to college. Do you want to go to college in a small town? Or would you prefer a school in a big city? What are the benefits? What are the consequences? There are many pros and cons of going to school in a big city, as well as in a small town. For those of you who decide to call a big city your new home, here are a few things you should know:

You’ll have way more resources

When it comes to your future career, you’ll have a huge variety of opportunities available to you. Between part-time jobs, internships, and networking opportunities, the possibilities are practically endless.

No ride? No problem

When you’re a student, getting from point A to point B isn’t always easy. Some students are lucky enough to have a car on campus, but others aren’t so blessed. When you go to school in a big city, though, you’ve got options. There are buses, taxis, Uber, or trains, so the worry of finding a way to get to school and around town grows smaller and smaller. Plus, if you want to travel home for the holidays, it’s less of a hassle to find a way home (not to mention it’s probably cheaper since there’s almost always going to be an airport nearby). Say happy holidays to the family!

There’s more diversity

Most people who stay in their hometown don’t get as exposed to other cultures because they’re used to what’s around them. People, as well as their backgrounds, sort of just melt into the norm. But once you leave the comfort of your hometown, you see a new world. You experience new things and really get to see what other cultures are like.

You’ll never be bored

In a small town, it doesn’t take long to run out of new things to do. However, when you move to the big city, you find that a whole variety of activities opens up for you. You can travel around and explore things that you haven’t seen before. It gives you the opportunity to say “I’ve done that.” It’s like opening a box of Cracker Jacks and finding the prize you wanted. It’s that exciting. So, find your right college, do your research, and keep an open mind!