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ScholarshipPoints.com was created in 2006 to help students win free college scholarships without the hassle of filling out paper applications and writing dozens of essays. Millions of high school and college students participate in the ScholarshipPoints.com community to earn points through internet activities and enter scholarship drawings.



As a ScholarshipPoints.com advertiser, you can reach this audience through programs such as:

  • ScholarshipPoints.com activity sponsorship
  • Scholarship drawing sponsorship
  • Email marketing

The ScholarshipPoints.com Advertising Program offers the following benefits:

  • Receive fast service with a dedicated advertising manager
  • Connect your brand's message and drive acquisition with our student members
  • Utilize our growing database of over 7 million students and parents for targeted email and direct marketing.

To learn more about the program and find out how you can acquire high-quality leads, sign up now.

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