10 Signs You’re a Girl Gamer

10 Signs You’re a Girl Gamer


The stereotype is boys sitting down together to play games. But when a girl sits down to join, it’s completely out of place. Some people think she’s doing it just to look cool. She can’t be a real gamer. But in reality, girls are gamers too. Here are five signs you’re a girl gamer (and you could totally beat any of those guys any day).

1. You know that when it comes to discussing games, it’s a serious matter.

Some girls pretend to listen when it comes to video games. They know when to say “Oh really?” and when to say, “That sounds interesting.” They know when it’s the right time to say “Seriously?” and, “Wow. I didn’t know that.” But a girl gamer takes it to another level. She will know what certain codes mean and which characters are which. She knows all the details and then some.

2. You spend all your time adding kick-ass mods to your favorite game.

Nothing is too expensive when it comes to kicking butt and winning the game. Whatever. It. Takes.

3. You appreciate the perfection of classic videogames.

The beauty of modern graphics is stunning, but no matter how many times they improve the picture and quality of games, the classics win, hands down. The classics are truly untouchable.

4. You know how much Pokémon has impacted your childhood.

Kids nowadays will never understand the feeling of when Pokémon first came out. How groundbreaking it felt when the Pokeballs shook three times and stayed closed. Or how it felt when it shook three times then opened. They will never know!

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5. You know the feeling of success after finishing an all-night gaming marathon.

There’s no funny business when it comes to an all-night gaming marathon. This stuff is downright serious. You have your snacking provisions handy and you know how to use them.

6. You know the feeling you get when you play a brand new fighting game for the very first time.

You struggle and yell at the screen. Just like people do when they are watching a movie. Wait, wait, don’t hit me yet. Psst. They can’t hear you!

7. You know what it feels like to be rescued by a flying turtle in Mario Kart.

Yes, that was an embarrassing moment. No one will ever know. As far as you’re concerned, it never happened.

8. You know that you are secretly the villain.

You know that you’ve tested to see what would happen if you killed off your character or threw a side character off a cliff. Don’t lie, you did it once. Or twice. Or three times.

9. You know that things are going to pop out at you.

You know the warning signs. As soon as that music plays, you know there are enemies on the prowl.

10. You know that video games are more important than sleep.

You always tell yourself, “I’ll play that one more level.” “I just need to finish this.” “I’ll go to bed in a few minutes.” “Just this one last shot.” “Just this one last move.” And then #5 starts all over again.

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