8 Lies Romantic Comedies Told Us

8 Lies Romantic Comedies Told Us


Ah, romantic comedies. Great movies to watch while on a date. They give us humor and an idea of what love can be. They try to show us what falling in love looks like – but do they really show us the truth? Most every romantic comedy follows the same formula, but it’s not exactly realistic. They teach us things that can’t quite be put into real life. Here are the lies that romantic comedies tell us:

1. When you graduate, you will immediately find your dream job.

In real life, everyone knows that this is utterly impossible. There are a few people who try and try, and it takes them years to even find the job that they went to college for. They find little jobs here and there that are decent enough to keep them on their feet. Because we all know that, in real life, the world is extremely competitive.

2. When you do find a job, it will be the most glamorous job out there.

Usually it will be a job involving fashion or publishing, or both! If I landed a job like that, I would cry tears of joy. But, truth be told, jobs like that are extremely hard to come by. Nowadays, finding a job that pays well is very rare. And even then, in romantic comedies, women are the ones who have these jobs. Realistically, women are doing other things. They are being doctors, lawyers, or other (just as amazing) jobs. I mean, starting your own business or following another path is just as glamorous as fashion and publishing!

3. Where do we live?!

The characters in romantic comedies usually have AMAZINGLY beautiful apartments. Like, how? They must be getting paid so much just to be able to pay the rent for those apartments. But even then, they don’t show the struggle of trying to pay the rent. Anyone would be lucky to afford a two bedroom apartment without hitting some problems of coming up with the money on time.

4. Usually, when you move out, you get your own apartment.

But, as all young adults know, it’s very hard to afford the rent on your own. So you probably have to get a roommate (or two or three…). When we see the character’s roommates in romantic comedies, they’re usually really cool people. They surprise them with awesome things, or sometimes they’re hilarious and, of course, the main character falls deeply in love with them. But really, who has had a roommate that they truly like? Or one that hasn’t gotten on their nerves so much that you guys don’t speak to each other for days? Then there are those who get an apartment with their boyfriend or girlfriend, but even then, things don’t always go the way they want.

5. Now we get to the love story.

Normally, one character hates the love interest so much they end up falling madly in love with them. Which is understandable - I mean, most of the characters in the movies are so good-looking, who wouldn’t fall madly in love with them?

6. The characters that fall in love never have anything in common.

They don’t like the same things, have the same interests, or even see eye to eye on important topics. Most of the time, the usually just run into them (sometimes literally), are forced to work with them, or are getting some kind of help from them. But, in real life, having something in common with your significant other is usually the thing that holds the relationship together. Yet we never see the movie relationships break apart or get divorced. Everything works out just fine for them, because movies!

7. All fights end in hot, passionate sex.

Yeah right. Normally, when you get into a fight with your significant other, you end up alone in bed while the other ends up on the couch or at a friend’s place. I mean, sometimes there will be great sex, but other times it just ends in not speaking to each other.

8. Jealousy is a good thing.

In romantic comedies, jealousy is so romantic, and sometimes even patches up an issue in a relationship - but, in real life, a jealous significant other can get really annoying and tiring. It can be cute and flattering at first, but after a while, you just don’t care. You want them to stop and just know that you chose to be with them and they need to learn to stop being so jealous. Nothing is ever as cute as the movies make them seem. 

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