10 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July That Aren’t Just Watching Fireworks

10 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July That Aren’t Just Watching Fireworks


1. Have a family reunion.

This is a perfect time to get the entire family together and catch up on things you’ve missed over the years. See what Aunt Pam’s been up to, where Uncle Bruce has been having the best luck fishing, and get an update on that quirky cousin of yours, who runs a puppet-making business in Baltimore. They may be a weird family, but they’re your family. Share the love!

2. Go shopping and save on all the 4th of July deals!

While everyone’s at home barbecuing and watching fireworks, hit the stores! Treat yo self and take advantage of the holiday deals. Stores are ready to start clearing their inventories to make room for fall merchandise. Ditch the hotdogs and burgers for some haute couture.

3. Get things done around the house.

Face it! You’re always busy. Who has time to paint rooms, clean the attic, or do some actual spring cleaning (yeah…you’re a few months behind)? Use the day off to get ahead on everything you’ve been meaning to do. Checking things off your to-do list always feels good. Merica!

4. Run a 4th of July race.

Whether you run a half marathon or walk a 5K, get moving this 4th of July! Wear your best patriotic gear and start the day off with some good old-fashioned exercise. Do a quick search online to see if any races are happening in your area.

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5. Find some ways to make some extra cash.

Since everybody will be busy going on vacation or getting things together for a 4th of July bash, there will be plenty of opportunities to make a little money! You can babysit, paint a fence, walk some dogs…try an app like Care, Rover, or Fiverr to make some cash and help someone out over the holiday.

6. Take the opportunity to rekindle a friendship.

As adults, we are all so busy that we sometimes don’t make time for our friends. We say “let’s hang out soon!” but it never seems to happen. Why not take advantage of the holiday to reconnect and remember what made you friends to begin with?

7. Try a new food.

Grab a friend and try a new restaurant with a cuisine you’ve never experienced before. Or host a “melting-pot potluck” to celebrate the diversity of our nation!

8. Try out some new games.

Get the fam together to try some new things to play in the backyard or at the park. Try out horseshoes, softball, whiffle ball. Now is the time to figure out that Frisbee-golf thing. Or even get creative and make your own treasure hunt. The possibilities are endless!

9. Take advantage of all the free events happening around you.

Since it’s a holiday, that usually means that there are some free events happening all around town. They don’t require you to spend money but only ask that you have an amazing time. Get out of the house and take a peek at what your town has to offer!

10. Go camping.

Trade the fireworks for fireflies. Nothing says summer like spending time outside, and camping is the perfect way to spend the 4th of July! Gather your favorite people, a bundle of firewood, some s’mores supplies, and enjoy the great outdoors.


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