About ScholarshipPoints.com

The ScholarshipPoints program was created in 2006 to help students win scholarships without the hassle of filling out paper applications and writing dozens of essays. By participating in the ScholarshipPoints.com community, high school and college students can earn points and enter scholarship drawings through their daily internet activities.

ScholarshipPoints.com is owned and operated by Edvisors, a company dedicated to helping students plan and pay for college. To date, Edvisors has given away more than $1,000,000 through the ScholarshipPoints program, and we can't wait to give out more. Head on over to the Scholarship Wall to see what we're giving away next!

About Edvisors

Founded in 1998, Edvisors (www.edvisors.com) publishes free sites of continually updated information and tools to help students and families plan for and pay for college. Every year, millions of students and their families turn to the company's web sites for timely, accurate information and tools that help them confidently make smart decisions about paying for college.

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