5 Outdated Dating Rules That Need to Be Broken

5 Outdated Dating Rules That Need to Be Broken

Dating: something that everyone does to find that one person who causes them to believe in true love. Somewhere along the way, there were rules that were developed. Should you call them right after the first date? Should you wait a while? Is texting too much overdoing it? Does it show you have the right amount of affection? Should the guy be the one to ask the girl out on a date, or can it be the girl?

With all these rules, it’s hard to keep track of them all. But why should there be rules in the first place? It’s like we have to buy a guidebook in order to find the one thing that’s supposed to be natural in our lives. So, why not keep it natural? Let’s break all the rules!

1. The guy has to establish contact first.

There’s always the inner battle whether to be the first to contact the other or not. You worry that if you show too much interest that it will drive that someone away. You think that waiting will make them more interested in you. Then again, you could be very wrong. Some guys or girls appreciate a random text now and then. They like to know that you are thinking about them. Showing them that they are on your mind makes them appreciate your affection that much more. You might be surprised to find that these random contacts will make them be interested in you more, too.

2. Planning dates in advance.

Some guys or gals worry about accepting a last minute invitation to a date. They believe that it will appear to be too desperate. But some people actually like those ideas of not really planning ahead and only have a few hours to prepare. Plus, there will be times where the other person doesn’t  have the time to plan something, but still wants to spend some time together. In this case, accepting last minute invitations can actually be a turn on for them!

3. The guy pays.

So, who pays for the date? There’s always this rule that they guy is the one who pays for the dates. But why? What’s the reason for this? Does it show that the guy works more or has a better job? Is it a masculinity thing?

Whatever the reason may be, this is a new age. A girl should have just as much of a right to pay for the date as a man is. All in all, it doesn’t really matter whether the girl is the one that pays for the date or the guy. And if that doesn’t work for either of you, you can always split the bill in half.

4. You have to spend all of your time together.

Then there’s always the question of how much time you two should spend together. Some think that spending all your free time together will make your relationship stronger, or that spending all your time together will prove how in love you are.

That’s actually quite the opposite. In some cases, spending so much time together can actually ruin a relationship. You have no “me” time, and you’re bound to get on each other’s nerves that much more. Taking time apart from each other can actually make your relationship so much stronger. You’ll have time to do your own thing, hang out with friends and family outside of your relationship, and miss your significant other!

5. You can’t date outside your “type.”

There are some that believe that they should only stick to their “type.” They should only date the people that they find physically attractive on the outside. They don’t ever venture outside of this “type.” Unfortunately, that can sometimes lead to being alone. No one likes to be alone all of the time, and no one likes to be judged unfairly! Who knows, you might meet someone different than you would normally date and end up pleasantly surprised. That someone that you didn’t think was your type could be just what you’re looking for – and that person you thought was perfect for you on the outside might be all wrong on the inside.