6 Types of People You’ll Meet on New Year’s Eve

6 Types of People You’ll Meet on New Year’s Eve


The year is finally coming to an end. You sigh with relief knowing that all your mistakes and hard times are going to be left behind you. You’re ready to make a new start for yourself and begin the next year as a brand new person. You’re ready to leave the ups and downs of the last year behind you, and you want to end the year with a bang. A New Year’s Eve party should help properly bring in the New Year! You make a list, you check it twice, and you invite everyone. You wonder just who you will meet and see at this party. There are always the same types of people:

1. The girl that drinks way too much.

Yup, there’s always going to be that one girl. She’s probably the one girl that you didn’t think would drink that much. She is determined to show that she can hold her liquor, but she obviously can’t. After a few drinks, she’s vomiting everywhere, desperately trying to keep her balance. She looks around, not really remembering where she is and who she is surrounded by, let alone  who she is. Her best friend has to come swooping in to save her and take her home early, cutting her New Year’s short.

2. The fighter.

We all know that one person who likes to start a fight. They get off on the adrenaline only fighting can give. Involve lots of drinking, and they’ll show up every time. They try to get in the line of vision with someone, wanting to make eye contact. It always seems like they want this fight so badly, but never want to be the one to start it. They want to find an excuse to fight someone, making you the guilty party. Alcohol has mysterious motivations.

3. The responsible adults.

There are always those people that take their job as a responsible adult very seriously. They spend their money wisely and make sure to always pay their bills on time. They don’t have time to goof off and be anything less than responsible. But they decide that New Year’s Eve would be the perfect time to unwind; let their hair down. Boy, were they wrong.

4. The complainers.

These are people that feel as if they need to go out. It is their civic duty to go out and attempt to have a good time. However, they do far from that. Instead, they find so many things wrong with the night and reasons to complain. “Oh, these drinks are way too expensive.” “Why would anyone want to drink this? It’s awful!” “There are way too many people here. Why would someone want to come here in the first place?” Then the next day they upload pictures that they had taken the night before, trying to convince everyone, despite their constant complaining, they clearly had a hell of a time.

5. The overly sweet couples vs. the loners.

We all know these people. Those couples that we see kissing each other and never come up for air. They touch each other in a way that just makes people around them feel awkward. Then we come to the lonely people in the corner who are staring at the overly affectionate couple. They slowly trace their finger along the edge of their cup making sweet music only they can hear.

6. The tech people.

Now, in this age, there is technology everywhere. We see it at school, restaurants, stores, and even walking to a bus stop. Everyone is on their phones, plugged in, or watching something on their tablet. Naturally, a New Year’s party is no exception. There will be people sitting on couches or chairs pretending to be interested in what’s going on around them. But really, they are more interested in their phones, what’s going on on Facebook, who’s tweeting what, etc. And that’s where they will find out that it is now the New Year.

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