5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a Coffee Maker

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a Coffee Maker
Coffee Dripping by Manav Sharma licensed by CC BY 2.0

Look out, world! Coffee makers aren’t just for coffee anymore. Here are five things you can do with a coffee maker that you probably didn’t know. And not to worry, these are all super easy.

You can make tea.

If you aren’t much of a coffee lover, like me, having a coffee maker isn’t a necessity. But if you do have one, you can put it to use and make tea with it! Put two bags of tea into the coffee pot and let it brew. Soon you will have instant tea! Once it’s done, you can add whatever extras you want, like sugar, lemon, or honey.

You can boil hot dogs.

Sounds weird, but it works! Just put your frozen hot dogs into the coffee pot, add a little water, and turn on the heat. The ice will start to melt away and you’ll have perfectly cooked hot dogs! Enjoy!

You can make oatmeal.

What can’t coffee makers do? Just pour 10 oz. of water into the carafe, add your oatmeal, turn it on and watch as the magic happens. Bon appetite!

You can make (more) Ramen.

Ah, Ramen. It’s cheap and filling.  Your coffee maker can be turned into an easy pot for Ramen. Just put the dried noodles into the coffee pot, set it to brew, and watch it work. Once it’s done you can add your flavor packet. Get creative and add a little hot sauce or veggies and enjoy!

You can make hard-boiled eggs.

Just fill your coffee pot with water, add a few eggs, and start brewing. Let those babies sit for 10 to 12 minutes. Once your eggs are done, dip them into some cold water to cool them off. So easy!