9 Signs You’re the Advice Giver of the Friend Group

9 Signs You’re the Advice Giver of the Friend Group

1. You always randomly receive calls from friends and end up talking for hours about the latest dilemmas

When your phone lights up with a call from your friend, it’s time to get comfy with a bowl of popcorn. You’re gonna be here for a while.

2. You give advice on topics and situations you’ve never experienced before

“Never dealt with this problem before, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen how this goes down in the movies.”

3. You rarely ask anyone for advice in fear of being a burden

Let’s face it, you deserve a free pass with all the advice you dish to your friends.

4. You never turn your friends down, even when they come to you with the same old problems

Even if you’re constantly giving them the same advice, you gladly keep doing it. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get it to sink in.

5. You have that “I told you so” feeling when your friends come back to you after not following your advice

You never say it aloud, but if we’re being honest, sometimes it does feel good to think it to yourself.

6. You always put yourself in your friends’ shoes before commenting on their situation

“If it were me I would…” “I totally get that you feel that way, but…”

7. You’re not afraid to tell your friends what they need to hear over what they want to hear

Tough love. Sometimes it’s better to be honest and straightforward rather than spare feelings.

8. You might give advice that goes wrong, and you have to try to find a way to redeem yourself

You start feeling guilty when you confidently give a friend bad advice. But hey, we’re only human.

9. You put aside time to help your friends work through their problems even when you have your own

Even when your plate is piled high with responsibilities and stress you, always make time to help your good pals. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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