21 Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

21 Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You thought turning 18 was cool. Now you are finally 21; officially legal. You’ve made it all these years living under the law. But now you need a way to celebrate your entrance into adulthood! Check out these things to do on your 21st birthday.

House Party

Gather up a bunch of your friends, and throw a (responsible) house party to celebrate your big day! You can even make your own invitations, get a DJ, and serve drinks you’ve wanted to try for a while now. (Just remember that you are liable for any drinking that happens at a house party. This means that if your friends are in no shape to drive home, be prepared to offer them to spend the night or call an Uber for them.)

Hotel Party

This should be for your close friends only. Get a few party games, put together a playlist, pick up decorations, and have a nice, laidback night. Just don’t invite too many people, because hotels are strict about noise and room occupancy rules. The best part of all is the cleanup…it’s not your responsibility! (Keep in mind, to avoid cleaning fees, leave the hotel room in the same shape you found it in. Having to cover cleaning fees for trash or damage can put a damper on your party!)


Break out that ID card with confidence, and take a trip to the casino. If you’re itching to try your hand at gambling, you’re finally of legal age to go for it. Just make sure you only play with “mad money” and not your tuition or rent payments. You can also eat good food on the cheap at casinos if you play it smart!


One of the best parts about being 21 is when bouncers take extra time to look at your ID to make sure you’re legal, especially if you don’t look like it. For your 21st birthday, go out with your friends to a 21+ club, and get your party on.

Bar Hopping

If clubs aren’t your thing, another 21st birthday idea is to go to a couple of bars. Once you get tired of one bar, go to another. This is what we call bar-hopping. Don’t forget to show your birthday excitement by screaming it out — you might even get free drinks and food!

Paint Wine Glasses

Here’s a creative idea for your 21st birthday. Get you best girlfriends together and paint some wine glasses. Use glitter, fun paint colors, write your name or birthday, and make it match your personality. You’ll remember this special birthday every time you pour a glass in the future!

Trip with Friends

Road trips are always fun. But since you are 21 now, take a trip to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or New York to celebrate. If you can’t make it that far, head to the nearest metro city for a big night out!

21 Selfie Challenge

Come up with a list of 21 different selfies you can do with your friends. Make it fun and crazy. Try a selfie with a stranger, a selfie dancing on a table, etc.

21 Dares

These can be crazy as well, like trying 21 new foods, or even introducing yourself to 21 strangers. You can also look up some classic dares for you and your friends to do.

Birthday Dinner

You can also go with the simple but fun 21st birthday idea, and have a nice dinner with your family and friends.

Shopping Spree

Shopping is always fun, but it can get expensive, fast. So, set yourself a budget, round up your friends, and head to your favorite stores!

Beach or Mountain Trip

A trip to the beach or the mountains is always a good idea. If you’re headed to the beach, make sure you buy a new bathing suit on that shopping spree!

Create a Drink Checklist

Research some good drinks and make a checklist of the ones you want to try. As you drink, check it off your list — just make sure to pace yourself with water and snacks between drinks!

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Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is always fun. Again, get your best friends together, and don’t forget your ID!


Don’t worry: if you don’t drink, you and your friends can always celebrate with a mocktail (or two!). The best part is, you don’t even have to worry about a hangover the next morning!

Get a Tattoo

I would only suggest this if you’ve wanted one for a while. If you do go with this idea, remember to get it in a place where employers cannot easily see it, and make sure the parlor is safe and reputable (this means licensed and clean!).

Get a Piercing

Like the tattoo, if you’ve wanted one for a while, then get one! Just do the research on how to take care of it, and make sure you do it correctly. Like the tattoo, make sure this is done reputably. Don’t go with a friend’s cousin of a cousin who does piercings out of his garage.

See a Show

Seeing a show is a fun 21st birthday idea. Take a trip to New York, Las Vegas, or Hollywood if you want to go big, or see what shows are playing in your area.

Spa Day

Have a nice, laid-back day, and get a massage or a facial, and a mani/pedi. You will definitely feel like a queen as you come into a new realm of adulthood.

Theme Party

Theme parties are great for a 21st birthday idea. You can come up with the theme yourself or find some ideas online, and decorate however you want.

Romantic Day

If you have a significant other, spend the day with him/her. You never know if they have something fun planned to surprise you!


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