What Your Go-To Drink Says About You

What Your Go-To Drink Says About You

Energy Drinks

You don’t sleep. Ever. You’re a workaholic perfectionist, and you don’t stop until a job is done, and done to your satisfaction. You’re always on the move, and your fast-paced lifestyle sometimes makes it hard for others to keep up with you. You’re independent and a leader, and you like to take matters into your own hands because you don’t always trust others to meet your standards. Your social interactions might suffer from your personality, but your boss loves you, and there’s no doubt you’re successful at everything you do. You’ll go far in life.


You’re not a morning person. Or a people person. Some might even call you bitter. It takes a little something extra to get you going for the day, but once you get there, you make the most out of life. You enjoy the finer things, indulge in luxury whenever possible, and never fail to treat yourself.  Some people would call you high-maintenance, but you consider yourself unwilling to settle for less than you deserve. You’re a night owl, and you function best late in the afternoon or even after midnight. You go to bed late and wake up even later.


You have a bubbly disposition. Your idea of having a good time is relaxing with your friends at home. You live a care-free lifestyle and enjoy the small things, sometimes forgoing responsibilities to do so. You may not be the most reliable person, but you’re friendly and fun to be around, and people enjoy your company. You don’t stress out about life, and you take each moment as it comes. Your dreams may not be grandiose, but they’re simple, and you’re content with that.


You’re big on fitness and healthy lifestyle habits. You spend more time at the gym than at home. You’re a realist, and you analyze situations for the best tactics and outcomes before approaching them. You’re the rational, responsible one, and everyone appreciates your dependability, including yourself. You’re very goal-oriented, and have a one-track mind. When you set out to accomplish something, you do it. When that goal is reached, you create another, even harder one. You like the challenge.


You’re a kid at heart. You’re conservatively indulgent and try to find the healthiest way to soothe your sweet tooth. You’re an optimist, and your positive energy radiates onto everyone around you. Rainy days make you glum, and summer is by far your favorite season. Nostalgia is one of the strongest emotions for you. You’re an extrovert who’s good at making friends and keeping them throughout your lifetime. People are important to you, and you like making others happy and helping them out whenever you can.


You’re quiet and studious. You like books more than people, and you often find yourself living in the fantasies you’ve created in your head rather than the real world. When life gets too fast-paced for you, you always take a moment to settle down and collect yourself, drowning out the world around you to focus on your own state of mind. Your mental health is important to you, and you’re proud to call yourself introspective and introverted.