8 Ways to Become a Morning Person

8 Ways to Become a Morning Person

To be quite honest, I have no idea how people can get up in the morning, let alone enjoy the time before they have to be somewhere. My mornings usually consist of hitting the snooze button a couple times before realizing I now have half an hour to get dressed and make it to class on time. If this sounds like you, keep reading, because below I have outlined a few tips on how to become a morning person.

1. Do something each morning that you will be excited to get out of bed for.

Plan to wake up in time to watch your favorite show, plan what you will be making for breakfast that morning, or set out your favorite book to read. The excitement of doing something you actually want to do in the morning can replace the dread of waking up early and getting out of bed.

2. Be realistic about the time you set your alarm (or alarms) for.

If you know there is no way you are going to wake up at 6:00 am, be more reasonable, and set the alarm for a later time. I have learned that setting multiple alarms at too early of a time each day allows my body to get used to the alarm going off, and I proceed to sleep through it. There are also multiple occasions where I have been told that I turn my alarms off in my sleep. With that being said, set an alarm at a reasonable time that you can wake up at, so your body does not just ignore the sound in the morning.

3. Do not stay up too late.

Being a night owl does not mix well with becoming a morning person. It will be very hard to function and remain healthy if you are not getting enough sleep.

4. Lay out your clothes and stuff you need for the day the night before.

This makes it much easier to wake up happy and calm, rather than stressed about having to figure out what to wear and gather up everything you need for the day.

5. Put your alarm across the room.

This will force you to get out of bed, and walk over to the alarm to turn it off. It will be much easier then to continue with your morning rather than rolling over and going back to sleep.

6. Make plans to meet with someone in the morning.

Whether it is to work out or to get breakfast together, it will hold you accountable for getting up earlier and meeting them.

7. Keep a clutter free bedroom.

A lot of stress can come from a room that is messy, especially in the morning, when the mess is the first thing you see. Waking up to a clean room can allow you to feel refreshed and excited about being productive during the day.

8. Accept if mornings are not for you.

Many of us are night owls naturally, and it is hard to break a habit of staying up late for getting up early. Be sure to know when you work best, and if being a morning person is for you.

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