26 Thoughts All College Students Have While Writing a Paper

26 Thoughts All College Students Have While Writing a Paper


Whether it’s the first essay of the semester or the final essay of the year, we always seem to fall into the same pattern when it comes to writing a paper. We never think we’ll make it out alive writing an essay, but somehow, we always manage to. Here’s a few of the thoughts that are all too familiar during the process:

  1. Okay, time to write a paper.
  2. I’ve done this tons of times. I can do this.
  3. Wait, how long does this have to be?
  4. Time to Google “how to write a thesis statement.”
  5. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be writing about at this point.
  6. Thank God for SparkNotes.
  7. It looks like I’ve written more if it’s double-spaced.
  8. I can’t believe my professor assigned this essay less than 48 hours ago.
  9. So, it may have been assigned a couple of weeks ago, but who actually reads the syllabus?
  10. I deserve a break. It’s been a long 20 minutes of thinking and no typing.
  11. Am I using MLA or APA? What’s the difference?
  12. How many times can I reiterate the same idea in a different sentence format?
  13. Okay, focus.
  14. I’ve used this word a lot. Time to go to theasaurus.com.
  15. Somehow I’ve gone from researching online to checking social media.
  16. I just need to get this done and then I can relax.
  17. I’m never going to get this done.
  18. I need coffee.
  19. Should I take another break?
  20. Only a couple hundred words until I hit the minimum word count.
  21. My professor is going to think I’m an idiot after reading this.
  22. Okay only a few hours until the deadline!
  23. Time to submit.
  24. Wait, did I save the document?
  25. Okay, good. NOW, time to submit!
  26. This college thing is easy.
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