50 Lies All College Students Have Told Themselves at One Point

50 Lies All College Students Have Told Themselves at One Point

  1. I will wake up early and finish this assignment in the morning.
  2. An 8:00 a.m. class cannot be that bad.
  3. I am going to exercise regularly this semester.
  4. I will go to office hours well before an assignment is due if I need help.
  5. Of course I will do the readings.
  6. I am well-prepared for this exam.
  7. I am going to get enough sleep during finals season.
  8. This piece of toast counts as dinner.
  9. I will not procrastinate, ever again.
  10. I completely understood that lecture.
  11. I can handle this work load.
  12. I will not pull any all-nighters this semester.
  13. I can have a social life while keeping on track with academics.
  14. I can relax this weekend.
  15. I have everything under control.
  16. I will find a parking spot.
  17. I have time to finish that assignment.
  18. I will not cram for that exam.
  19. I won’t miss class.
  20. I will be on time to everything.
  21. I will not fall asleep in any of my lectures.
  22. I am going to eat three healthy meals every day.
  23. I am going to be more involved on campus by joining clubs.
  24. I am going to stop waiting until I have no more underwear to do my laundry.
  25. I’m going to actually use the textbooks I paid hundreds of dollars for.
  26. I will delete my social media and not get distracted while studying.
  27. Summer is boring, I cannot wait for summer to be over.
  28. I will get myself together this semester.
  29. I’m going to start cooking instead of eating out every night.
  30. I am going to turn into a morning person instead of a night owl.
  31. I will not watch any shows while doing homework or studying.
  32. I’ve learned from the mistakes I made last semester.
  33. I will apply for internships later.
  34. This group project is going to go really great.
  35. No, I’m not broke.
  36. One more episode won’t hurt.
  37. I am going to get dressed up nicely for class.
  38. I am going to keep my room clean.
  39. I will do chores every week.
  40. I am going to make a bunch of new friends.
  41. I am going to make a budget.
  42. And I will follow the budget.
  43. I will have enough experience to get a job after graduation.
  44. I’ll stay in touch with my family and friends at least once a week.
  45. I’ll take the stairs everywhere.
  46. I can and will take a nap that will be shorter than 2 hours.
  47. I’ll go to the doctor when I start to feel sick.
  48. I won’t have that much debt.
  49. My junk food days are over.
  50. I will not tell any more lies.


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