How to Build Job Experience Over the Summer

7 Ways to Build Job Experience Over the Summer


Summer time is all about relaxing and having fun. But it can also be a great opportunity for you to build job experience and enhance your skillset. It’s never too early to start building work experience, and summer break is the perfect time to do it! Here are a few ways to build your professional experience over the summer.

Summer Camp Director

Working at a summer camp is a great way to get leadership experience. It is also a good choice for those who are working towards the education field or social services. This type of job proves that you can work well with kids, you’re friendly, and you can handle being in charge.


Before landing your dream job, you have to prove you can do the work. So what better way to do that than freelance? Whether you're studying journalism, graphic design, photography, or anything else, you can always gain professional experience by doing freelance work. Freelancing isn't the go-to for many people because it it’s not always paid, but it is a great way to gain professional experience and show employers the type of work they want to see on your resume.


Tutoring is great for those looking to build leadership and subject matter skills. Even if you aren't interested in a career in education, tutoring is still another great experience that can be added to your resume.


Event Photographer

If you are a photographer or are interested in film, video, and photography, start building your portfolio now! Book gigs where you can take your camera and just snap photos. Look into events like weddings, parades, parties, even cookouts!


Volunteering was one of my favorite things to do over the summer. Many companies favor volunteer activities and there are many non-profit organizations that would love to have you to help out. Another idea is to call a company or organization you would like to work at, and offer your volunteer services there. You'll get to make connections, and build professional experience right from the company.


Over the summer, look into some events that you can attend. Networking can very much lead to your first or next job. Many organizations sponsor networking events, so take advantage. Everyone you meet in your career field is a new relationship and a new potential opportunity. This will give you the professional experience you need, as well as references to add to your resume.


Interning can be a major help in gaining professional experience. Interning is a great way to get hands on experience in your field of choice. Although undergrads go for one or two internships, there are actually many high school students or post-graduates who are applying for internships are well. So make sure you take advantage!

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