9 Unusual Beauty Treatments Around the World

9 Unusual Beauty Treatments Around the World

You know that feeling after a very long day and you think to yourself, “A massage would be great right now?” Well, just imagine some other type of technique to help you relax. Check out these unique ways some spas around the world are giving treatments.

New York, NY

Manhattan’s Shizuka New York Day Spa is known for its Geisha Facial, aka “the bird poop facial.” Gross, right?! Well, it is powdered and sanitized before being put to use. It is also said to have something in it to help brighten people’s skin. So if you want to try it out, it'll cost you $180 and the treatment lasts 50 minutes.

Hershey, PA / Portugal

Now this technique is something I think most people will find very sweet. This spa in Portugal uses dark chocolate because it is known for age-fighting antioxidants. This 40-minute chocolate facial will surely be enjoyable, except maybe for the cleaning it off part.

Tyrol, Italy

Here’s a strange one. The spa in Tyrol, Italy uses freshly cut and soaked hay, which they spread over people’s bodies. It is said that when the grass is cut it still contains certain oils that are beneficial for therapeutic treatments.


In Prague, they have beer spas where the customers sit in baths full of beer. The beer has vitamin B in it, and is also tested by the brewery beforehand. (Oh and by the way, you have to be 21 and older to get this treatment.)

New York, NY

Want a massage that helps you lose weight? Visit the Pho Tree Thai spa in New York and get what they call a black pepper body scrub. The spa is called Pho Tree Thai and costs $135. It gives the body a “tingling” feeling.  But, that is not all! After this, they cover the body in live silk worms. Yes, that word was “live.” The point of the massage is to make you sweat, which helps you to lose water weight.


This treatment involves caviar. You can get it as a facial or a full body treatment. The bright and luminous caviar color helps to fix dull complexions.


You may have seen this technique in some television shows. Some spas in Asia use Garra rufa fish, which are supposed to nibble away the dead skin on your feet. This procedure has actually been banned because of unsanitary reasons. I do not suggest this.

Elazar, Israel

Just like the last treatment, I also do not suggest this because of my own personal fear. This spa charges $70 for non-venomous snakes to crawl around your back.  Apparently the snakes help relieve tension.

Beijing, China

There is a Chinese method of acupressure called fire cupping. They heat glass cups to put on your back (obviously with a cover over your skin) and it creates a fire effect. This is supposed to help relieve sore muscles or a cold.

These are definitely some unique ways to get a spa treatment. You never know if the they will work or not. Be open and try new things! …Unless you are just as terrified as I am.