Meet Our 2013 ScholarshipPoints Winners

Since 2006, we've given away more than $750,000 in free college scholarships. You could be the next scholarship winner. We award thousands of scholarship dollars each month -- just check out all the lucky student below. Join now to start earning points -- every point you earn is a chance to win one of our scholarships worth up to $10,000.

December 2013 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Pumpkin Pie Dough Scholarship Winner

Michalina Konopka

East Stroudsburg University Of Pennsylvania

"I am so honored to have received such a great award. When I received the email congratulating me on my award, I almost couldn't believe my fortune! I am blessed to have a chance to further my education and become a psychiatrist."

$1,500 Turkey Dinero Scholarship Winner

celina duong

Pasadena City College

"I was excited to see the email notification that I won this award ! I switched career choices and am going back to Pasadena City College for my registered dental assisting license. This switch also allows me to be close to my family. This scholarship helps offset the costs of dental instruments and textbooks so it's a great relief. Thank you once again !"

$10,000 December 2013 Scholarship Winner

Jabari Shabazz

Savannah College Of Art And Design

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints! When I first heard that I had won this I could not believe my eyes. This is literally my first time entering in this Scholarship drawing and I did not think I would win. I am currently a Senior at Savannah College of Art "

$2,000 First Day of Scholarships Winner

Austin James

University Of Georgia

"The words "Thank You" can't even begin to describe how grateful I am that I won this scholarship. I couldn't believe my ears when I was sitting down eating dinner with my family for my birthday, and the answer machine goes off and I hear that I won a scholarship. This money will definitely help with the cost of my books!"

$2,000 Second Day of Scholarships Winner

Stanley Spence

Auburn University At Auburn

"Finding out I won this scholarship was a blessing. Thank you SholarshipPoints. I am currently a Junior at Auburn University. I am pursuing an Accounting degree. With having to take many courses in school, this scholarship will help me paying for my courses, textbooks, and more. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for this amazing opportunity. War Eagle!"

SALTâ„¢ Face The Redâ„¢ $2,000 Scholarship Giveaway Winner

Fe Gonzalez

South Texas College

"I was in denial about winning! I'm so glad this happened. Now I can pursue my major in dietetics to help others around my community that need it. This scholarship will help pay for my textbooks that I desperately need and help pay for my classes. This scholarship is a blessing. Thank you so much!"

$2,000 Third Day of Scholarships Winner

Hannah Stafford

College Of Saint Mary Omaha Campus

"Wow! Thanks for the early Christmas present. This will help pay for textbooks next fall as I will be majoring in Occupational Therapy. I am looking forward to furthering my education and this will definitely help me to achieve my goals."

$2,000 Fourth Day of Scholarships Winner

rosa cisneros

National Career College

"I never thought I would have a chance to win any of the scholarships. I have entered points many time and never won but I am so glad I didn't give up! I am currently studying for Applied Psychology, and planning to further my education with a Masters in the future. This scholarship will help me continue my education and I am very thankful for it."

$2,000 Fifth Day of Scholarships Winner

iesha Washington

Grand Canyon University Phoenix

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints for giving me this scholarship. This scholarship will help me with my college tuition. I attend Grand Canyon University and I am going toward a Theater/Drama degree to become a professional actress. I want to be an actress that expresses my religion as being a Christian and I want to also set up an organization that help kids in need. "

$2,000 Sixth Day of Scholarships Winner

Zachary Cuny

Mississippi State University

"It was really awesome to open my email and see the notification that I had just won this scholarship! What a great Christmas present, and I already have plans to put it to good use. I am currently a Freshman at Mississippi State University, majoring in Chemistry, and I can certainly use the money to pay for tuition, books, room and board – college is expensive! I thought it was impossible to win… but the more you try, the better your chances! The truth is - if you keep earning points, you just might be the next big scholarship winner! Thanks, ScholarshipPoints - you’re making a difference in this student’s future!"

$2,000 Seventh Day of Scholarships Winner

Nicole Tammaro

No School Listed

"This scholarship is going to help towards paying for my college expense. I come from a family of little means and my dream is to attain my Bachelor's Degree so this award will be put to good use in taking me on the path to receive my RN degree. Thank you very much. "

$2,000 Eighth Day of Scholarships Winner

Paris Bloomfield

University Of South Carolina At Beaufort

"I was in shock when I saw that I won a scholarship. I have been trying really hard to win. This scholarship will definitely help me pay for college. My family was so excited when I they found out I won. Thank you for this great Christmas gift."

$2,000 Ninth Day of Scholarships Winner

Emily Ritter

Miami Dade College

"People say 'you must play to win,' however; I never thought I'd actually win! I was in complete shock when I logged on to the website and I saw my name. Thank you ScholarshipPoints! I can not explain how truly grateful I am for this money and it will certainly be helpful toward my future goals."

$2,000 Tenth Day of Scholarships Winner

Ashley Bentley

New York University

"I am beyond grateful to Scholarship Points for this award. I am a continuing studies student, meaning that I have taken some time off in between my years of college. I worked during that time and continue to work while enrolled in classes. However, I still wanted the experience of studying abroad. Fortunately, last semester I was given that opportunity and spent four months studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This scholarship award will help pay for the extra tuition needed to travel abroad. Thank you for such a wonderful holiday gift!"

$2,000 Eleventh Day of Scholarships Winner

Mojgan Maadandar

University Of New Mexico Albuquerque

"This scholarship will really help me with the cost of books, gas, and tuition. I can now start buying my books before school starts and will be ready for a great semester. Thanks for the scholarship! This is the first time I won a scholarship at ScholarshipPoints and I'm very excited. thanks, "

$2,000 Twelfth Day of Scholarships Winner

Michael Kay

Wright State University Main Campus Dayton

"This scholarship will prove to be incredibly useful to me and my family. I have 3 older siblings each with over $30,000 of debt from student loans. Seeing the burden that it has placed on them and my parents has made one of my goals going into college be to graduate fully debt free. This scholarship is absolutely a step in that direction and I can't be more grateful. "

$1,000 Toluna Scholarship Winner

Shelley Dawn Pawlowski

University of Iowa

"I can't believe I actually won! I was so excited to hear this news and am extremely grateful. Thank you so much for this scholarship! I have 3 semesters left to graduate from the University of Iowa, and it will help me immensely with tuition and fees! "

$1,000 VIP Voice Scholarship Winner

Venkat Yanamandra

State University Of New York At Buffalo

"I was really surprised to see my email this afternoon that I won the award because this is the first time I entered the scholarship drawings. I am thankful to god that I won such an award and for this great opportunity. With this scholarship, I can pay off some of my tuition for college and can further my education. I am currently a sophomore and am majoring in pharmacy. Thank you for this opportunity, ScholarshipPoints!! "

October 2013 Scholarship Winners

$2,500 Skeleton Swag Scholarship Winner

Amanda Borges

New York University

"I'm so excited to have received this scholarship! This money is going to help me tremendously by helping me offset the extremely high costs of attending a top private university (NYU), and will allow me to take out less student loans. Every little bit helps, and this scholarship is more than just a little! Its really an incredible help. Thank you!!"

$1,500 Goblin Gold Scholarship Winner

Hannah Green

Piedmont College

"When I entered my points into this scholarship contest, I wasn't sure I would actually win. But I did! I opened up my email and saw that I had won $1,500. I couldn't even contain my excitement! This money will help me so much with paying for school. I am in the middle of transferring to a different university and will be dealing with a lot of school fees and moving expenses. This scholarship will make it all possible! I will continue to earn points and enter into these contests. It's definitely worth it! Thank you so much, Scholarship Points!"

$1,000 Jack O' Lantern Loot Scholarship Winner

Savannah Lyne

Oklahoma State University

"I can't believe I won! I was so excited when I found out. This scholarship will help pay for whichever college I choose to attend next year. I am looking forward to starting college and a new chapter of my life. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for helping me out!"

$500 Black Cat Cash Scholarship Winner

Jonathan Chang

University Of Nevada Reno

"My aspiration to become a jazz pianist and a music educator had always seemed unattainable simply because of financial issues. With only my mother to provide for a family of six, attending a renowned school of music to further expand my knowledge in music, or to any college for that matter as the cost of going to college continually rises, became a fantasy that would never come true. I knew that in order to pursue my goals, I still have to attend college at the least expense, so that I may ease the burden on my mom; to do that, I had to find scholarships - a lot of them. When I found, I was skeptical at first because other scholarship websites did not use point systems to select their winners. Nonetheless, my desperation led me to sitting at the computer carefully calculating how many points I had and at what fraction should I dedicate to each scholarships. Quite honestly, I didn't think it would work! Yet here I am as the winner of this scholarship, which became one of the first signs that there are people out there ready to give money to help YOU receive a better education. I thank you, ScholarshipPoints, for selecting me as a winner! May everyone receive the support that they deserve for all their hard work and dedication, and may everyone succeed in college and their lives as well! Take care!"

$1,500 Trick-or-Treat Treasure Scholarship Winner

Arpan Giri

Donnelly College

"I feel very happy that I was chosen for the Trick or Treat Treasure Scholarship! This money will help me with college. I did not think I would be able to go to college because of the money, but ScholarshipPoints gave me money which I can now do something good and am able to go to college!"

VIP Voice Scholarship October Winner

Blake Halvorsen

Brigham Young University

"I’m very honored to have received this scholarship. When I was younger I didn’t think much of scholarships, wasn’t that important to me. Then I started paying for my own tuition, then it became a challenge. Working full time in my off track time and trying to save money is hard, but with this scholarship it’ll ease a huge burden from me that I may able to continue to save and progress in my educational career. This is a huge help, and I’m very happy to be receiving such a scholarship. Shoot high, aim for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll land upon the stars. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!"

$500 Frankenstein Funds Scholarship Winner

Sarah Bernal

University Of Georgia

"I'm currently a pre-nursing student at the University of Georgia, and am in the process of applying to nursing schools. This process and the realization that I don't know what's to come are both stressful. However, I stand with steady belief that everything happens for a reason, and being awarded this financial aid comes as a reminder that there is no need to worry about the future! I encourage everyone (that includes YOU!) to persevere in seeking help to reach incredible goals; is a great place to pursue these endeavors! There are many great opportunities to receive help (even if you think you're too busy to apply!). Many thanks, ScholarshipPoints!"

September 2013 Scholarship Winners

$2,500 Tuition-Buster September Scholarship Winner

Sarah Pederson

Century Community and Technical College

"This was my first time trying to win to get a scholarship and I entered and won. This money will help me to pay for my college education, hopefully at a University after I finish my basics at a community college. The money I have won is the first step on my way to a good future."

$1,500 Food-Funder September Scholarship Winner

Linda Hover

Oklahoma State University

"My name is Linda and I work very hard to pay for school in hopes that I will be able to have a good life in the future. When I entered my points into the drawing I did not believe that I would really win anything but I did it anyways. When I received an email saying I won I could not believe it. I will keep earning points and entering the drawing to win scholarships because it does pay off. Thank you Scholarship points for the awesome opportunities!"

VIP Voice Scholarship Winner

Ernestine Stevens

No School Listed

"I am a 45 year old female. I am attending CTU to obtain an Associate's Degree in accounting. I would like to become an auditor for the government. ... I receive unemployment, but it is not much and is soon to be exhausted. I am currently seeking work. This scholarship will help my financial obligations in my educational pursuits. I want to make a difference in the world and stand up on my own two feet. I enjoy helping others. Once I receive my degree, I will be able to have stability in my life and help many people less fortunate. I thank you for choosing me for this scholarship. God bless you all."

$10,000 September 2013 Scholarship Winner

Tabitha Lymburner

Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana

"I could not believe I won! When you sign up for, you don’t really think you might win something, you are just trying to win. I was so happy when I found out I won, my heart started to race, and I ran upstairs to tell my sister. I started to search for scholarships last year before the end of my sophomore year. When summer came I did not do anymore searching. When school started up again, I started applying for scholarships. Who would believe it but the first time I applied for a scholarship, I won. I won at I have a lot of work to do to get more money for college but this is a great start. I want to go to film school so I can be a director. There is a long journey ahead of me but I am ready for the challenge. This scholarship gave me a huge energy boost to get out there and keep trying. You never know if you will win unless you try!"

$1500 August 2013 Scholarship Winner

Harashia Crawford

Mansfield University Of Pennsylvania

"I'm so grateful for this scholarship!! I actually graduated high school in 2011. I had to wait to go to school because I didn't have the money. So while all of my friends attended college, I stayed home to help my mother and to save up for school. Financial aid did nothing for me because of the fact that my mother makes too much money but what they do not understand is that she is a single mother with five children. When I won this money, I was super excited especially because I've never won anything in my life!"

$500 August 2013 Scholarship Winner


Saint Louis University Main Campus

"Thank you so much! I am so happy to win a scholarship. I am currently a senior in high school and plan to attend college next year. My passion is to study biomedical engineering and I am committed to achieve my goal. This scholarship will help me to make that possible!"

$1,000 August 2013 Scholarship Winner

Alicen Richardson

Savannah College Of Art And Design

"I'm so grateful that I received this scholarship! I'm going to major in Fashion and minor in Illustration, and art school is extremely expensive. This scholarship will really help me buy all the books and supplies I need for my major. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!"

$500 August 2013 Scholarship Winner

Anna Hughes

University Of Florida Gainesville

"Since coming to college, I have become responsible for paying for more things by myself, and have learned how expensive it is to pay for textbooks and other essentials. I am a freshman at the University of Florida and am majoring in Nursing. This scholarship will help me get to where I need to be in order to successfully complete Nursing school, and, hopefully, graduate school. Many thanks go to ScholarshipPoints for this exciting opportunity!"

$1,000 PSL Scholarship Winner

Kimberly Wolfgang

Clarion University Of Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for this opportunity! I cannot express how happy I was when I received the email telling me that I had won 1,000 dollars for college! For me, college is extremely important because I am very passionate about what I wish to study at college. Over the years I have had my fair share of run ins with people in my life that were in desperate need of help, whether it be from depression, grief or even addiction. I have already dedicated my life to helping those in need because it brings me such a great joy to do so! I want to save lives by studying Psychology and becoming a mental health counselor and hopefully opening my own clinic someday. Thanks to ScholarshipPoints I am one step closer to that dream! I have applied to many scholarships and this is the first that I have won! I am so overjoyed and would just like to thank everyone at ScholarshipPoints for helping my dream to become a reality. You truly are wonderful people, thank you!"

$1,000 UPromise Scholarship Winner

Brittany Theisman


"I can't believe I won $1,000 from! I feel so lucky and blessed to have won this scholarship, and am very thankful to have been selected. I am attending Nursing School, and will use this scholarship to help pay for tuition. is really making things easier for me by helping me pay for college"

August 2013 Scholarship Winners

$2,500 August 2013 Scholarship Winner

Rosie Naranjo

Northern Arizona University Flagstaff

"I would have never thought to win this! Thanks to I have a starting college fund for my future. I am ever so grateful for this opportunity, and I assure you it will not be wasted. I plan on using this money next fall to pay for books as well as any other costs: housing, diet, etc. I am planning on pursuing a Nursing degree, hopefully at Grand Canyon University, to become a registered nurse!"

$1,500 August 2013 Scholarship Winner

Monica Tinajero

University Of California Santa Cruz

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints program for this opportunity! I am entering my third year at UC Santa Cruz where I am studying Psychology. I hope to work with kids whether it's through teaching or counseling services. I come from a big family where money can be tight so this scholarship will help make things a little easier! Thanks ScholarshipPoints program!"

July 2013 Scholarship Winners

$500 July 2013 Scholarship Winner

Jessica Gonzales

Western Governors University

"Most importantly, thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! I am currently in my second year at WGU working towards my Bachelors degree in Accounting. I originally attended Heald College and graduated in 2009 with an A.A.S in Business with an emphasis in Accounting. When going into employers and telling them I had an A.A.S, no one knew what I was talking about. After drowning in student loan debt, I was not sure about going back to school to get a degree that I could more easily be employed with. Now, with the help of ScholarshipPoints, I am well on my way to a real degree that employers will be familiar with and I can finally be proud of!"

$1,500 July 2013 Scholarship Winner

Emily Vincent

Texas A & M University At College Station

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints for selecting me as a winner for this wonderful scholarship! I am very excited about this amazing opportunity. The scholarship will go towards my Forensic and Investigative Sciences degree at Texas A"

$1,000 July 2013 Scholarship Winner

Maritza Andrade

Mesa Community College

"I will use this money to buy my textbooks and start paying up my loans!"

$1,000 NPD Scholarship Winner

Blaire Westerman

Columbus State Community College Main Campus

"My name is Blaire Westerman and after graduating from high school more than 10 years ago, I decided to return to school to eventually earn a Bachelors in Philosophy from Ohio State University. I have had to jump through several hoops to get to this point and just yesterday I was feeling really discouraged in the whole process, primarily about how I'm going to pay for my education. I used the last of my ScholarshipPoints to apply for two more scholarships. I'm determined to not give up and my persistence has paid off. This $1,000 scholarship will help me get school going in the right direction from the very beginning! Thanks ScholarshipPoints for this amazing opportunity!!"

$1,000 UPromise Scholarship Winner

Vanessa Martinez-Mondragon

Everest Institute Austin

"Winning this scholarship means the world to me. I am so thankful I got the opportunity to win this not only for me but also for my family who have stood by my side and supported me with everything. Times can be hard and stressful when you have no idea how to come up with the money to pay for your schooling. With my parents help and support I managed to pull through. If it weren't for them I probably wouldn't be able to be going to school. I know that with this scholarship my parents have a huge weight lifted off their shoulders. I just want to thank God for making all this possible for me."

$1,000 Scholarship Winner

Ana Marin

Ave Maria University Naples

"My name is Ana Marin and I am a junior in Ave Maria University. First of all I want to thank God and scholarship points for this great opportunity. Being away from home is hard enough, but paying for school gives everyone a lot of stress. This scholarship will help me stay in school and finish my career. I have been struggling for a long time to pay for school but scholarship points gave me this incredible chance. This has been truly the answer to my prayers. ScholarshipPoints has taken a lift off my shoulders! Thank you!"

June 2013 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Upromise Scholarship Winner

Vanessa Montelongo

Mission College

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints! I am so grateful to my friends who referred me to this site; I never thought I would be a winner of any scholarship. My current status as a student is a senior at Mission Middle College and I am very excited because this is the first scholarship that I have received this year. This scholarship is going toward paying for college when I enter in 2014. I want to pursue in Child Development and in order to achieve that goal I must have enough money to pay for college; because of this scholarship I am one step closer to that goal. Thank you to my friends who referred me and thank you ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,000 Scholarship Winner

Ronald Dancy

Towson University

"I want to thank ScholarshipPoints for selecting me as the winner of the $1000 scholarship. This means a great deal to me. The money will be used wisely towards my education at Carson-Newman University where I plan to major in Physical Therapy in the fall."

$1,500 May 2013 Scholarship Winner

kaitlyn lindsey

Northeast Texas Community College

"My name is Kaitlyn Lindsey, I am currently a senior in high school. I plan on attending Texas A"

$1,000 May 2013 Scholarship Winner

Jennifer Steward

Piedmont Virginia Community College

"First of all I would like to say thank you all so much for this opportunity! I have been struggling since 2009 when I graduated from Charlottesville High School. Before I graduated I attended trade school for Culinary Arts....I LOVED IT!! So much I wanted to make a career out of it. So when I graduated my grandmother was real ill and thats who I was living with at the time so when college time rolled around the school closest to me didn't offer culinary classes..and wouldn't for the next 4 years. Now I'm 21 years old, working at a local chocolate shop and Piedmont Virginia Community College finally added a Culinary Arts Associates program and I couldn't be happier. Only problem is paying for school....being that the FAFSA has so many redundant questions about your parents income, I didn't receive much and I don't plan on my parents helping me pay for college or taking out some ridiculous amounts of loans. Here I am thanking ScholarshipPoints loudly, thanks for giving me the chance to extend my career and become somebody who inspires others to create food that speaks."

$500 May 2013 Scholarship Winner

Cierra Harrington

University Of Kentucky

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! My Name is Cierra "

$10,000 June 2013 Scholarship Winner

Kassanndra Whittle

Dallas Christian College

"My name is Kassanndra Whittle, and I just want to say thank-you, so much,for this opportunity. I'm so excited to have this scholarship!! I've grown up in a single-parent household and I knew that getting the money I needed for college would be difficult. I want to go to college to get a degree in Christian Ministries, specifically to work with teens and young adults from backgrounds of divorce, abuse, etc…This scholarship will help me to make that possible. Thank-you, again!!!"

$2,500 June 2013 Scholarship Winner

Kimberly Garcia

San Diego State University

"Thank you so much for this scholarship! I am currently a senior accounting student at San Diego State University. I am hoping to enroll in the BMAcc program at SDSU to simultaneously receive my BS and MSA in May 2015 in order to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam when I graduate. This scholarship will help me pay for the study materials and exam registration for the GMAT. Also, I am currently the President-Elect for the SDSU chapter of ALPFA, a student and professional association that promotes diversity in accounting and finance. This scholarship will help me stay involved in our organization's events, networking opportunities, and focused on leading our group in a positive direction. Thank you so much!!!"

$1,500 June 2013 Scholarship Winner

Margret Dotimas

Brigham Young University

"Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints! I'm Margret Dotimas, and I'm a junior studying Nursing at Brigham Young University. This scholarship means a lot to me. It is such a blessing! When I joined I never knew I would win this scholarship, so I'm really surprised I did. Again, Thank you very much. This scholarship will help me pay for my tuition this year, and help me continue my education to get a Nursing degree. I want to be a nurse in the future because I think this world needs nurses who will administer healthcare to the poor and the needy around the world. I plan to go to the parts of the world where proper healthcare is not practiced. This scholarship makes that goal possible to achieve! Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,500 June Scholarship Winner

Kevin Martinez

Stanford University

"I'd like to start off by thanking everyone at ScholarshipPoints for this scholarship opportunity! I'm Kevin Martinez and will enter Stanford University this fall as a freshman pursuing my Bachelors of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics. For quite some time now I have been worrying about the monetary costs of college, to the point where I considered perhaps not attending this amazing university. Figuring how to pay for college tuition is a major concern for anyone looking to take the plunge into higher education, but thanks to the generosity of ScholarshipPoints, I can proudly say I am going to my dream school with a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you once again, ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,000 June Scholarship Winner

Sifat Syed

University Of Southern California Los Angeles

"I would like to thank ScholarshipPoints for making this possible. My name is Sifat Syed and I will be attending University of Southern California next year. This scholarship will help me pay towards achieving my Bachelor's Degree in biochemistry, which is one of the many steps to become a pharmacist. I always have the worry of not being able to pay for college or handling ridiculous loans after graduation. Thanks to this scholarship I will be able to focus on my academics that much more knowing that there are organizations like ScholarshipPoints willing to help. I encourage other ScholarshipPoints members to be persistent and determined because I, too never thought that I would be selected for a scholarship. Once again, thank you very much."

$500 June Scholarship Winner

sheel vaniawala

University Of Michigan Ann Arbor

"I'm Sheel Vaniawala and I am so grateful for this scholarship. My current status is of a senior at Grand Blanc High School, about to apply for universities in and out of state. My mother introduced me to this website and I did not realize it was going to be so helpful. We are now going to inform as many people about this website as we can. I'm so thankful for this $500 scholarship and will definitely invest it towards my college because every penny counts. This scholarship will help me greatly with what I already have saved up for college. With this, I will be able to attend a good college and achieve the goals I have in mind of becoming a doctor one day. So thank you again ScholarshipPoints for this money, it means a lot!"

$500 Last Chance Scholarship Winner

Eun-Hye Choi

Art Center College Of Design

"Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints! My name is Eun-Hye Choi and I go to Art Center College of Design to study Fine Art. As we all know, art schools are expensive and materials cost a lot. I applied to many scholarships hoping for some help and I was so excited when I got the phone call this morning! This money will help me with my projects and I really, really appreciate it. Thank you again ScholarshipPoints, you made my day!"

$1,000 NPD Scholarship Winner

Makenzie Brandon

Occidental College

May 2013 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 NPD Scholarship Winner

Dai Garner

Southern Methodist University

"My name is Dai Garner and I am currently attending Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas but Fall 2013 I will be transferring to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas to obtain my bachelor's degree in accounting. Since I've began college, which we all know is not cheap at all but necessary, I have been paying out of pocket for my classes also with the help of student loans. I've always wanted to attend an university ever since I graduated from high school. I've applied, enrolled, packed for school and even attended orientation but the financial aspect has always been a struggle for me that has stopped me from attending. So to reach my goal I've been working two jobs at Wells Fargo bank and Carls Jr.'s to pay my way through school which is becoming stressful and tiring. I actually googled "Scholarships" and that is how I found out about ScholarshipPoints and to be honest I NEVER expected to win because I figured so many people probably have so many more points than I do so they have a better chance, which was not the case. I had just created my profile and began earning points a week before I was selected for the scholarship. The morning I received the email I had to reread it because I just knew it wasn't true, but then no more than a hour later a received a call from a ScholarshipPoints representative telling me to claim my scholarship. I was beyond ecstatic, words can't even explain my level of joy. I want to genuinely thank you ScholarshipPoints for awarding me with a scholarship. I am genuinely grateful. I plan on applying for many more scholarships and hopefully I can be done with student loans because they are starting to add up!”"

$1,000 Upromise Scholarship Winner

Sara Foreman

Western Governors University

"My name is Sara Foreman and I am returning to school to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I received my Associates degree two years ago and never thought I would have the chance to go back to school again. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for the opportunity to further my education and finally have the career I have wanted for the last 15 years."

$1,000 Zoompanel Scholarship Winner

John Grant

Northern Arizona University Flagstaff

"This scholarship will help me pay for tuition for this next academic year. Tuition is over $3,000 a semester at Northern Arizona University, so this scholarship is a good start to covering that cost. I hope to utilize scholarship points more in the future. This will be my final year of college, so in May, I will attain my Bachelor's degree in English literature. Now, I will be able to reach that goal with the help of this scholarship. Thank you Zoompanel and ScholarshipPoints!"

April 2013 Scholarship Winners

$1,500 April 2013 Scholarship Winner

Jeanne Soriano

University Of Nevada Las Vegas

"First and foremost, THANK YOU SCHOLARSHIPPOINTS! You have helped me accomplish my high school goals and this scholarship will most definitely help me pay my way through college. Like many other high school seniors, I stress about paying for college tuition and expenses. Because of this scholarship, I will be able to achieve my college goals and plans for my future. I feel so blessed and over the top grateful for winning this scholarship. Thank you very much for this opportunity ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,000 April 2013 Scholarship Winner

Andrew Francoeur

High Point University

"My name is Drew Francoeur and I will be attending High Point University next year. I will be studying business during my 4 years here. I love sports and have played basketball, football, and track through out my high school career. I will be doing track at High Point and this scholarship is helping me and my family make it possible for me to attend my dream college and still being able to participate in a sport that I love. I would like to thank ScholarshipPoints for helping me make it possible for me to follow my dreams and attend an amazing college. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!!"

$500 April 2013 Scholarship Winner

Nghia Le

University Of Kentucky

"I am a college sophomore who currently study at University of Kentucky. This scholarship will help me to pay for all my school supply for next semester and help me save some money on tuition. Thank you ScholarshipPoints."

$1,000 NPD Scholarship Winner

Mykaela Cross

Baker University Baldwin City

"I applied for scholarships all over the internet for one simple goal. I wanted to knock off as much of my future debt as I could. Growing up in a struggling family, I learned that staying on top of finances can be the most important element of my future. This scholarship for $1000 will be used in order to allow myself to pursue my dreams with little to no monetary cost. With the money I receive from participating in Newspaper, Choir, Theater, Bowling, and scholarships like this one, I will be able to get a first class education at Baker University and study to major in Music Education and Special Education and minor in Theater Performance and Creative Writing. I will use these degrees in order to teach and write my books from home. I plan to use this money in order to make my mark on the world by educating the children of the future, and keeping the timeless tradition of literature alive."

$1,000 Upromise Scholarship Winner

Mallory Retherford

Ohio University Main Campus Athens

"Hi, my name is Mallory Retherford and I will be attending Ohio University next fall enrolling in the Athletic Training Program. I would first like to thank ScholarshipPoints for this opportunity! This scholarship will take me a step further in being able to pay for a better education for my future, like buying my books."

$1,000 Zoompanel Scholarship Winner

Daniel Pearson

Lynchburg College

"My name is Daniel Pearson, and I'm going back to school to finish my bachelors. I left school eight years ago, and have been in the general workforce ever since. When I was first in college, I was young and had very little appreciation for the grants and scholarships that were given to me. The last ten years have taught me that every single dollar counts and this scholarship will make a huge difference for my wife and I. Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints, for providing a great site."

$1,000 Surprise Scholarship Winner

Nicole Rivera

Rutgers University - Camden

"I am a high school senior who would like the opportunity of going to college next year. This scholarship will help me and my family pay next year's tuition and get me a step closer to my goal. Without it my family would be struggling to get me my education, thank you very much ScholarshipPoints."

$500 Facebook Scholarship Winner

Nandini Lochan

Daytona Beach Community College

"I am a nursing student at Daytona State College. My long term goal is to become a CRNA. I am truly thankful and blessed for this scholarship. I have been paying out of pocket and with this scholarship, it would help me with books and tuition. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!"

March 2013 Scholarship Winners

$1,500 March 2013 Scholarship Winner

Annette Joseph

California State University At Long Beach

"All throughout high school I was involved in one extracurricular activity after another. From Marching Band and Chess Club, to Funk Band and ComedySportz, I have been a very busy high school-er. Unfortunately this left me very little time to plan or save for college. My last two years of high school I have realized that College is around the corner and I haven't made any sort of monetary plan, and I have been worrying myself to death about how I was going to pay for college, and since I don't want to take out very many loans, I was stumped. When I heard I won this scholarship, some of my stress melted away. This scholarship will help me pay for books and housing and I couldn't be more thankful, Thank you, ScholarshipPoints"

$1,000 March 2013 Scholarship Winner

Sabrina Martinez

Texas A & M University Corpus Christi Victoria College

"I am currently going to Texas A"

$500 March 2013 Scholarship Winner

John Lucero

Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck

"I am a Junior Nursing Student at Fairleigh Dickinson University with the aspirations of becoming an Emergency Department Nurse, eventually extending my degree to the level of Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP), and help all of those in need of my care. My motivation is my patients, who are the strongest power pushing me forward and are the most in need of my care. Thank you ScholarshipPoints, I will use this generosity you have given me to pay for both next semester books and overall education!"

$10,000 March 2013 Scholarship Winner

Cathryn Wood

Lawrence University

"Throughout high school, I have immersed myself in diverse extracurriculars and rigorous academics, including tennis, marching band, musicals, and several AP classes. As my senior year comes to a close, I would ideally like all my hard work to pay off by being able to go to a college of my choice, based on the best program and what fits me personally. Since I was very young, I've dreamt of becoming a marine biologist. Living in the midwest, far from the best schools with that major, it would be very costly if I were to attend one. Unfortunately I’ve come to realization that my decision relies greatly on financial circumstances. With this scholarship though, my dream school may actually be attainable now, and I am so very grateful for it. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints, for helping me achieve that dream. It will help remarkably."

$1,000 NPD Scholarship Winner

Curtis Charlton

Nassau Community College

"It was a blessing to win a $1000 scholarship, it will definitely benefit me towards my financial needs when I begin college. Winning this scholarship has reduced my stress on school expenses and help me focus on preparing myself to graduate high school entering the real world. Thank you ScholarshipPoints."

$1,000 Upromise Scholarship Winner

Joshua Caudell

Old Dominion University

"This Scholarship award is going to go a long way in paying for my classes and living on campus. I am a music major and the loans are getting a lot more expensive by the year. This scholarship money will be a big help for me in paying off my degrees and I can reduce the amount of loans that I would have to take out. As I get more into my college days, this scholarship is going to be very useful for me."

$1,000 Zoompanel Scholarship Winner

Julia Vancena

Pulaski Technical College North Little Rock

"I am so excited to have won this scholarship! I am currently pursuing my Associate of Science degree in order to then go on to receive my Bachelor in Biology. I am hoping to be able to make it into Veterinary School and pursue a career in the tough, but amazing field of Veterinary Medicine. I wish to make a difference in the field and the lives of animals. This has been my dream ever since I was little. I currently work as a Veterinary Technician while going to school full time. I am familiar and comfortable with the work I will one day be doing. This scholarship is helping me to further my education and get me one step closer to my dream and my future. Thank you!"

$500 Surprise Scholarship Winner

quenton mccallister

Mount Mary College

"As a working student I work to pay for my classes to minimize loans. With this scholarship, I will be able to pay for my summer class and this will light the burden of my out of pocket expenses for the summer. Overall this scholarship has reduced my overall stress level allowing me to focus more of finishing up this semester."

February 2013 Scholarship Winners

$1,500 February 2013 Scholarship Winner

Abigail Fosuh

Houston Community College Southwest College West Loop Center

"I am currently enrolled in the LVN program at Coleman College For Health Sciences. I was so excited to have been selected as a winner. This will help me pay for my summer classes and books since I have to pay out of pocket. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for this opportunity."

$1,000 February 2013 Scholarship Winner

IaOng Moua

University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee

"I was so happy when I found out I won this scholarship! Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints. I am very blessed. I am a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, majoring in Human Biology and this scholarship is going to greatly help me out with my financial needs. Thank you so much again!"

$500 February 2013 Scholarship Winner

Danielle Hunter

Napa Valley College

"My name is Danielle Hunter and I am currently attending Napa Valley College for an A.A in Spanish and a Certification in Paramedic Firefighting. I am very happy to be awarded this scholarship because I'm not currently employed and money is very tight for me right now. I do plan on using the scholarship to get some much needed engine repairs on my car because it's my only mode of transportation. Thank you to everyone at ScholarshipPoints, I really appreciate you all!"

$1,000 NPD Scholarship Winner

Nour Abdalla

Illinois State University

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints for the opportunity to win $1,000.00, I am truly thankful and blessed. I am a senior at Oak Park and River Forest high school. This scholarship is a huge benefit that will help me pay for college. Whether it goes to paying for my books, my room, or my classes either way it will still help a lot. Thank you ScholarshipPoints."

$1,000 Upromise Scholarship Winner

Kreesyn Stoner

Millersville University Of Pennsylvania

" am a second-semester freshman at Millersville University. I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. This scholarship will help me pay for tuition, books, and any other colleges expenses that I might incur."

$1,000 Zoompanel Scholarship Winner

Emmanuel Villasenor

Baker College Flint

"Thanks to for this opportunity as now I can go to the university that I always wanted to go to. I appreciate what this website has done for me as I start my next step in life. Thanks for making this dream a reality."

January 2013 Scholarship Winners

$1,500 January 2013 Scholarship Winner

Erik Romero Gavilan

California State University At Long Beach

"Finding out I won this scholarship was a blessing. Thank you SholarshipPoints. I am currently a Freshmen in College at the University of California in Long Beach. I am pursuing a Criminal Justice Degree. With having to take many courses in school, this scholarship will help me paying for my courses, textbooks, and maybe even my parking permit. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for this amazing opportunity."

$1,000 January 2013 Scholarship Winner

Rasheed Muhammad

American Intercontinental University Dunwoody Campus

"It was a blessing to win an $1000.00 scholarship, it couldn't have came at a better time. It will benefit me towards my financial needs while attending college full-time, such as maintaining my livelihood. Thanks ScholarshipPoints."

$500 January 2013 Scholarship Winner

Carin Brown

Bridgewater College

"I am a Junior a Bridgewater College and I am majoring in Health and Exercise Science. I ride in their equestrian program and am constantly busy with class and riding horses. I am planning on using this scholarship to help buy all books for this semester! I am thankful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship because everything counts when it comes to paying for college."

$500 ScholarshipPoints Doodle Scholarship Winner

Erica Hansen

Ferris State University Kendall College Of Art And Design

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints for this opportunity and for liking my doodle! I am a junior at Kendall College of Art and Design and this scholarship will help me pay for books/supplies."

$1,000 Zoompanel Scholarship Winner

Rovina Mezini

Florida Community College At Jacksonville South Campus

"My name is Rovina Mezini and I am currently a freshmen at Florida State College of Jacksonville. I am getting my AA and transferring to a University afterwards. I was born in Albania and moved to America in 2000. I am the first out of my entire family to attend college, and I am very proud to do so. The chance to move to America has bought me many opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. I am very grateful for this chance and because of it, I plan to study hard and make something of myself. This scholarship will help further my "

$1,000 NPD Scholarship Winner

Ivy DeLucia-Bradley

University Of Central Florida

"My name is Ivy DeLucia-Bradley and I am currently a freshman at Florida State University. My major right now is exploratory, but I am hoping to go into the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. Thank you, ScholarshipPoints for helping make this possible financially for me."

$1,000 Upromise Scholarship Winner

Franz Lino

SUNY at Binghamton

$1,000 PSL Scholarship Winner

Kathleen Jimenez

Fashion Institute Of Technology

"My name is Kat Riley Jimenez, I love Fashion and it's my absolute dream to go to college in New York City. I am applying to a Fashion school and as you probably know, New York is very expensive. I am worried about loans and paying for college in general, the $1,000 is already impacting me so much because it's money I now do not have to stress over. I feel so blessed being chosen for this scholarship, money has always been an issue in my life and this money is weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much for picking me!"

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