Opinion: Why Do So Many People Support Hillary Clinton?

Opinion: Why Do So Many People Support Hillary Clinton?

HIllary Clinton by Gage Skidmore licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

Although she has received extensive criticism from both rivals and members of her own political party, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton currently remains the frontrunner in the Democratic Party’s delegate race. Ahead of competitor Bernie Sanders, a history of political scandal has not hindered her popularity; she is still the top choice for Democratic voters over the age of thirty, and there are several reasons why.

Popularity of Bill Clinton

First, Clinton can attribute some of her popularity to her husband. Many voters, especially in older generations, remember the years of prosperity that swept the United States under Bill Clinton’s presidency. The return of this economically booming era entices voters to cast their ballots and put the Clinton family back in office.

Broad Experience

She was not only a classy First Lady, however. Clinton also has her own track record of political experiences that make her quite qualified for the job, from her push for healthcare reform during her husband’s first and second terms to her term as U.S. Senator from New York. She also dabbled in the executive branch as Secretary of State during Barack Obama’s presidency. This experience gives her an impressive resume that many of her competitors in the GOP cannot combat.

Making History

Many are also excited to make history by voting for the first female president the United States may have. This would be a huge step for feminist women and men, further proving that women are just as capable as men, even when it comes to leading a nation.

Progressive Views

Additionally, although the trending hashtag “#WhichHillary” that emerged on social media was meant to defame Clinton for changing her mind on controversial topics, it has largely done the opposite. Many are actually complimenting her for being progressive, and embracing societal changes, as in when she is perceived to have switched her views on gay marriage and when some think she chose to be pro-war if it meant defending Israel. Open-mindedness is a staple of the Democratic Party, so attempts to condemn her for this have mostly backfired.

Appeal for Voters

Finally, Clinton appeals to voters in ways that her competitors cannot. Some believe she is less controversial than GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and she is much more popular with minority voters, who may feel threatened by Trump’s past comments. She is also younger, and has better name recognition than her competitor Bernie Sanders, as she has been on the mainstream political radar for decades.

While some of her appeals to young voters have been less than successful, and her alleged involvement in incidents like Benghazi have earned her harsh criticism, Hillary Clinton remains the most promising candidate for the Democratic nomination. With over 1,700 delegates to date, including 469 super-delegates to Sanders’s mere 31, it is clear that supporters across the nation are remaining strong and loyal to an individual who could be the nation’s first female president.

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