What You Should Do in an Emergency Situation on Campus

What You Should Do in an Emergency Situation on Campus

Although each emergency situation protocol will be different on individual campuses, here are some basic procedures to follow at any school.

1. Do not panic and try to help people who may be in need.

However, keep the safety of you and everyone around you in mind, and do not put yourself in harm’s way to try and help.

2. Be aware of campus emergency plans – where to meet, where safety items are, etc.

3. If there is an alarm, leave the building as quickly as possible.

An alarm can come in various forms besides one that is audible. A visible cue, being directed by authorities to evacuate, or if the building becomes life-threatening, all are considered situations where you should be alerted to leave the building.

4. Do not use elevators, as you may become trapped inside them.

5. Dial 911 when you have reached a safe spot on campus, if authorities have not already been alerted.

6. If you do call the authorities, always give your name, location, and nature of the emergency.

7. Know where fire alarms are, and how to set them off if they are needed.

If there is no fire alarm system, or it is not working, notify everyone in the area by yelling “Fire” and knocking on doors or windows.

8. In the event of a fire, crawl on the floor to avoid breathing in smoke.

9. If there is a natural disaster, stay inside, and get away from windows and doors, especially with glass.

10. In the event of a shooting, get out as safely as possible, alert anyone in the area of the danger, and advise them to leave the building.

If you cannot get out of the building, find some place where you are protected, making sure to stay away from any windows and doors. Try to barricade any entrances if you are in a room. Do not huddle together as this can create an easy target, try to stay scattered about the room. Remain silent, close any window coverings, and lock the windows and doors.

11. If you find yourself in a robbery situation, cooperate and give the person what they are asking for.

Remember what this person looks like, down to the miniscule details for reporting it to police later.

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