What to Do If You and a Friend Have Feelings for the Same Person

What to Do If You and a Friend Have Feelings for the Same Person

Friends should never let a guy or girl come between them. Friendships should be valued and not taken for granted. When you find that special someone who accepts you for who you are, is supportive, and a true friend, there is no reason to ruin that over a shared interest in someone, or anything at all. So, what do you do if you and your friend like the same person?

1. Talk It Out

If you’re aware of your friend’s crush, be open and honest with your feelings too. Try not to be offensive or insensitive, just casually bring up your feelings in a polite way. Share how real your feelings and what your intentions are. Do you just think they’re cute? Do you want things to turn into a long-term relationship? Allow your friend to talk about their feelings too and work on hearing each other out and understanding each other’s feelings.

2. Avoid Conflict

Whatever you do, don’t let the conversation turn into a battle over who will win the guy or girl. Have you seen the movies where two friends are crushing on the same person and they go to war trying to fight for the person’s love? Yeah, don’t let things go there. It will not end well. Besides, the person you like may have their eyes on someone else. If things start getting rocky with your friendship, drop your crush, and forget about them if you can. It would not be worth it to end a friendship over someone who may or may not have feelings for you.


3. Let Things Be

If at the end of the day, the two of you come to an understanding and decide one of you should be with him or her, let your crush decide. Go about your days like you normally would and see if anything happens. If it does, be okay with it and make sure your friend is okay too.

High school and college are wonderful times during your life. You’ll discover that friends will not always be there and that some people just suck. You’ll get stabbed in the back and hurt, but it is all okay and it is important to remember that. There will always be people coming in and out of your life. You’ll gain a ton of friends and you might lose a couple too. Life is going to happen the way it’s meant to for you. Be sure to enjoy the people in your life while you have them, and don’t let your romantic feelings for someone ruin a friendship that is special to you. There will always be cute guys and girls around and you have your entire life to find “the one.” So, if something doesn’t work out, try not to stress about it. I promise it is not the end of the world and there is so much life for you to experience.