We All Have THAT Person: Surviving the Friend Zone

We All Have THAT Person: Surviving the Friend Zone


We all have THAT person. You know… that one you could see yourself with? The one that always makes you smile and feel a screaming warmth inside? Unfortunately, the one that more often than not puts us in the friend zone.

That’s right; it’s time to talk about how to deal with constantly being denied by the one we desire. You are not alone in this seemingly hopeless tundra. Most people at one time or another (myself included) have been immersed in this complacent feeling. There’s good news though - it has its perks. Here are some underutilized tips regarding surviving the friend zone.

Stay In the Game

When we are in this position we often want to shuffle away to the shameful security of our room to deal with the situation. This is not a good start. Once you have realized you are in the friend zone, it is by no means a knock-out blow. If anything, it would make your relationship worse to give up on the friendship just on this basis. That would make it seem as though you were only there for the relationship aspect. After all, if you are serious about him or her, then the setback should not be the reason you withdraw.

Don’t Be Creepy

This shouldn’t be as tricky as most make it out to be. There is a fine line between being a good friend and being creepy. When they come to you for a problem and you take time out of your day to help, that’s being a good friend. Conversely, if you know they are emotional and you text them, or show up at their house to help them before they have even told you, that’s creepy. Never leave the friendship because you are friend zoned, but never kick your efforts into overdrive once you realize it.

A Shoulder to Cry On

Now that you’re still in the game, this is an amazing opportunity to show them how much you care. Be there when they need a friend. The start of any relationship is based on an emotional connection. Right now you may be in the “friend zone,” but being the rock in someone’s life could catapult you into the “date zone”. Never underestimate the power of supporting a person in times of adversity.

Not the End of the World

After you put all of this into play, it still may not go your way. I didn’t mean to get your hopes up, but some things just aren’t meant to be. This is not the end of the world.  Many people come and go in life. There is no reason to dwell on a shortcoming when the world is a vast expanse of opportunity. You may not be able to escape the friend zone but you may also be friend zoning your soulmate. The future is bright for everyone that seeks a bright future. If you dwell on the past or a friend zone limitation, it clouds only your future. This may be my last comment on the friend zone but it is also the most important. Never settle for second best; if you are treated as such, go out and find what you deserve.

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