6 Ways Going Home for the Holidays is Different After College

6 Ways Going Home for the Holidays is Different After College

When you’re in college, going home for the holidays is like heaven. The days of being broke and eating fast food are gone. When you go home, you’re likely to put your feet up and let your family do the cooking and just allow yourself to relax. However, once you’re out of college things start to change.

1. Breaks aren’t going to be as long

You’re used to the designated weekly breaks that school systems have provided since grade school, but you’re probably not going to have that after college.

2. You’re probably used to living on your own, so things might feel different

You’ll become accustomed to living away from home after college, and being under your parents’ roof could be a weird feeling when you’re used to your own space.

3. You might be the one pitching in to cook

If you aren’t expected to bring a dish of your own, you might be expected to help out with the cooking. So this is what being an adult is like?


4. You might not be coming home alone for the holidays

This might be the time to bring home your new boyfriend or girlfriend to join the family for a day of feasting on turkey and hopefully not-so-awkward conversation.

5. On the off chance that you show up alone, you might be asked why

With all the time spent together cooking, eating, and relaxing, many conversations will be brought up, and if you’re single for the moment you will be asked why.

6. There will be no complaints about the excess of leftovers

Days after the holidays, it seems as though the only meal that is enjoyed are leftovers. In the past, it might have been tiring to eat the same meal over and over, but you’ll start to feel grateful that you can enjoy this much food without breaking the bank. (Not to mention, Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers are the best!)