Cheap Vegan Makeup Products Under $20

5 Vegan Makeup Products You Can Get for Under $20 on Amazon

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1. Ipsy Eyeshadow Palettes

Get it here for $14.29.

These are vegan, cheap, and have some great shades to choose from. If you click on their company page on Amazon, you can browse all the options they have. The palette linked here is exclusive to Amazon and has great natural shades.

2. Real Perfection makeup brushes

Get them here for $18.99.

These are absolutely beautiful. They also have great reviews. This set has nearly every brush you could need for your makeup collection, and the beautiful marble design on the base!

3. LimeCrime lipsticks

Get them here for $8.

These lipsticks are vegan and cruelty free and come in some gorgeous shades. This one is from their Neutral Collection with a matte cream formula and comes in at only $8 a tube. Browse their site to find more color options to add to your collection!

4. Pacifica Stellar Gaze mascara

Get it here for $13.99.

These come in at just under $14 a piece. This one comes in black and brown, and is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Browse their site for more options of eyeliner, eyeshadow, primer, and more.

5. Aesthetica Color Correcting Cream Concealer Palette

Get it here for $9.97.

Top off your vegan makeup bag with this great correcting cream palette. Advertised as working for all skin tones and having lots of positive reviews, this is definitely one to try out. Coming in at just under $10, you can snag this conscientious palette on Amazon as well.

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