Types of Frat Guys You'll Meet in College

5 Types of Frat Guys You Meet When You Join a Sorority


Now, I’m going to start off by saying that I don’t have any personal experience with Greek life, sororities, and frat guys. I do, however, have friends and acquaintances who are well-educated in this sort of thing. Thanks to them (and some research on the internet) I have a decent amount of knowledge on sororities and fraternities. If your school offers Greek life opportunities, and you’re interested in taking part, go for it! I’ll make sure to warn you about the frat guys you might encounter, though. Depending on where you go to school, it’s very likely that you’ll meet a couple of fraternity brothers that fit the following list:

  1. The Ladies Man

Think Zac Efron in Neighbors - tall, muscular, swoon-worthy. He’s the guy that can walk into a room and have all the girls’ eyes on him, and he knows it. Unfortunately, he’s not exactly the “commitment” type, and will leave as soon as the next best thing walks by. Do not, I repeat, do not get attached to this man, because I promise you that he won’t stick around.

  1. The Trust Fund Baby

I feel like people have an image that comes to mind when they think “frat guy,” and if it’s not the Ladies Man, then it’s definitely the Trust Fund Baby. This guy will always be decked out in designer gear (most likely a $100 polo and pastel shorts). Aside from the Ladies Man, he’s the most confident person in the room because he knows that nothing can touch him thanks to mommy and daddy’s money. Humility is probably not something he practices very often, so don’t be surprised when he acts like he owns the place (to be honest, his family might actually own the place).

  1. The Hype Man

You can hear this guy a mile away. He’ll be the one to invite people to parties, be the loudest at football games, and hype you up during a game of beer pong. He’s the life of the party, and never seems to have a bad day. This is one of the more fun frat guys to come across, and could definitely make a good friend to have around. If you need a good laugh, or a self-esteem boost, hit up this guy.

  1. The Imbecile

I’m sorry, I know it’s a harsh name, but the way he acts makes the name a pretty good fit. He’s the first to get plastered at a party, and also the second loudest at said party (after the Hype Man, of course). I can assure you that he will most likely not be physically attractive, or mentally, considering that he hasn’t gone to class in weeks. He is all about the frat, and that’s about it. This guy will make you wonder…“How did he get in?”

  1. The Smarty Pants

All of the guys I’ve mentioned don’t exactly sound like the sharpest tools in the shed, if you know what I mean. This guy, however, is basically a genius. You’ve probably already seen him in one of your harder classes (physics, organic chem, calculus), and chances are he’s acing those. He’s probably also doing his frat brothers’ homework to make some extra cash. Just watch, in a few years this guy is probably going to be running a Fortune 500 company, and have his frat brothers working for him.

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