7 Tips to Stay on Track During an Online Class

7 Ways to Stay on Track During an Online Class


When you're not physically sitting in a classroom with a professor in your face, it's certainly harder to not get distracted. Check out these way to stay on track during an online class.

1. Keep a To-Do List

Prioritizing your tasks is essential when taking online classes because it's easy to tell yourself to do other things first and your work second. You can get distracted by many more things than you can when sitting in a classroom. The solution is to make a to-do list to ensure you know everything you have to do and to make sure you get it all done. It's also pleasing when you cross things off the list as they get done. This helps you stay organized and on track with everything you need to do. 

2. Calendar for Due Dates

Keep a separate calendar that notes when every paper, homework assignment, or test is due. This way you can stay up-to-date with all of your duties. Setting these deadlines in your phone or computer is also helpful. Also, set an alert for a week before the deadline to remind yourself that it is coming up soon. 

3. Find a Study Buddy

If you're the type who works better with others, find someone who can commit to meeting up to study on a weekly basis. If you're open to it, you can even post on the online class message board to see if anyone wants to join you. Just like in a regular class, you don't want to leave all your studying until the end of the semester. Keep yourself on track with your coursework so that the final will be a piece of cake.  

4. Take Notes

Note taking is important for any type of class. Don't think that it's unnecessary for online classes just because everything is online and at your fingertips. If you need information right away, you don't want to have to listen through long lectures or videos. Always have a notepad and pen during every online session you have.  


5. Reach Out to Your Instructor

Contact your instructor early in the course. It's harder to get antiquated with your online professor than it is in the classroom. This isn't suggesting that you use your instructor to answer every question at your request. They want you to search and learn on your own. But it is good for the instructor to be able to know you and give suggestions for improvement. If you see that you are struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out.

6. Look Ahead

Since you're not physically meeting for class, it's up to you and be on time to sessions and know what's on the schedule. Take some time to look at your syllabus to see what's ahead in your class schedule and plan accordingly.

7. Have a Set Class/Work Space

Be consistent with where you have your class sessions every day. This will help you get and stay in the ready-to-work mindset. This can be a library, coffee shop, or at home. Choose somewhere that you know you can focus and is free of outside distractions.

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