10 Tips to Start Searching for Summer Internships

10 Tips for Your Summer Internship Search


1. Start early, but don’t get stressed

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer internships. Just don’t get stressed out if you don’t find anything at first! These things take time.

2. Look for things you’re generally interested in

You don’t want to be bored all summer! Look for internships that would help you improve your skills and talents and can give your resume a boost. This also includes looking for jobs related to your major that will help you in your future career field.

3. Network, network, and you guessed it, NETWORK!

Take advantage of professors’ office hours, get to know your peers, and join clubs! You never know who might connect you to a future employer.

4. Teaching assistant jobs

Being a TA can be a tremendous resource. Get to know the professor you work with, as well as their colleagues, look for research and internship opportunities, and get paid to help other students!

5. Use the internet

This may seem obvious, but there are tons of resources out there! For example, the county where my university is located has an entire spreadsheet of available public health jobs and internships that is updated every single week! You can also use social media sites to ask your friends or followers if they know of any internships.


6. Keep your finances in mind

A lot of internships are unpaid. While these may offer valuable experience, college is expensive. If you need an income, look for paid internships or internships that would allow you to work part-time simultaneously.

7. Don’t be afraid to branch out

If an available internship catches your eye, apply! Even if it’s outside your major, or you think you’re unqualified, don’t be afraid to try. Even if you don’t get the job, gaining interview experience is never a bad thing!

8. Don’t worry

If you can’t find an internship right away, don’t worry! You have time. Choose to focus on what you have control over and not on what you can’t control.

9. Talk to your peers

Although some parts of college are competitive, don’t be afraid to ask your peers for help. They may be able to connect you with organizations or companies they have worked with.

10. Explore your options

Don’t limit yourself! You may find internships that are far away, or part of a study abroad trip. This is the time of your life meant for exploring and adventuring! Take advantage of the organized travel provided by study abroad programs and see the world in a new way!

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