4 Things Your Family Always Says During Thanksgiving Dinner

4 Things Your Family Always Says During Thanksgiving Dinner

I don’t know about anyone else, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, my family’s traditional gathering can get pretty crazy. There are too many cooks in the kitchen, too many kids to keep track of, and too many dishes to dry. But no matter how crazy your celebrations get, there are at least a few things that you can always count on your family to say at Thanksgiving.

1. Comments on your relationship

One of the first things that your grandma will bring up when you walk through the door is your relationship status. If you’re single, she’ll ask why you aren’t currently introducing her to your significant other. If you’re married, she’ll ask why you aren’t currently announcing the upcoming birth of her newest grandchild. No matter what else has happened in your life, grandma will always have her mind set on what matters: your relationships.

2. Uncles reminisce about the good old days

In my family, when all the uncles are together in one place, things can get a little crazy. They grew up in simpler times and they have no problem reminding you of that. They talk about all the good times they have had over the years and how you wouldn’t have lasted a day back then.


3. Everyone asks what you’re doing with your life

Outside of your grandma’s singular focus on posterity and your efforts to provide it, no one else seems to ever remember what exactly is going on in your life. It doesn’t matter how often you talk with your extended family - when you’re all sitting around the table and the uncles quiet down, someone will try to break the tension by asking you what you have been up to.

“For the last time mom, I am going to be an accountant. I mean seriously.”

4. Everyone says what they are thankful for

No matter how crazy your Thanksgiving celebrations can get, no matter how close some people are to trading blows, there comes a time when all that is put aside and everyone shares what they’re thankful for. Life is full of surprises, but there is always something that can be said when it’s your turn to give thanks.

Holidays are hectic, and Thanksgiving is certainly no exception, but it has its moments. However, these moments, you can count on happening every year.