8 Things We Learned From Grey’s Anatomy

Things We Learned From Grey's Anatomy

Things Grey's Anatomy Taught Us

Like many of us, you had probably just finished a show and were looking for a new show to watch. You stumbled upon “Grey’s Anatomy” and thought that maybe you should watch it since everyone else around you seemed to have watched it. You probably also felt a sense of dread when you saw how many seasons and episodes you had yet to watch. However, weeks, maybe months later, you played the last episode and were left with a need for more.

*Spoiler Alert* Here are eight things that “Grey’s Anatomy” taught us:

 1. Some people in your life are irreplaceable.

Let’s face it. So many people died in the show that at times you probably had to take a moment of silence to process what had just happened. With each death, the show changed a little, and it helped us realize that some people are just simply irreplaceable.

 2. Everyone needs a person.

Meredith and Christina referred to each other as “my person.” They shared their worst and greatest moments with each other, and it left us all in sorrow when Christina moved away. Humans are social creatures, and having someone to share life experiences with is quite comforting.

 3. Smiling during stressful times can be good for you.

As mentioned earlier, there were many deaths in the show, but one thing that was always consistent was the dancing sessions they had after a stressful day. Doing something that makes you smile and laugh can completely transform your day.

 4. Sometimes boundaries are more harmful than beneficial.

Meredith was always trying to put boundaries between herself and Derek, especially at the beginning. And, as we all know, these boundaries were harmful because, the truth is, they were meant to be together. That definitely made us reflect on all the boundaries we had placed in our lives.

5. Secrets will always come out.

From Derek’s marriage, to Meredith’s mom’s condition, to Izzie’s cancer, to all the infidelities, “Grey’s Anatomy” made it clear that all secrets come out at one point or another.

6. Being a grown-up is a lot.

When the show started, all the characters were practically babies. As the show progressed, we got to see them looking for a place to live, entering into relationships, having their hearts broken, and looking for new jobs. All of those things are scary and come with new responsibilities, but most of us will eventually go through them.

 7. Always be ready to give everything you have.

When the boards come around, everyone in the show is tense. Alex arrives late causing him to need a perfect score in the last two exam sessions in order to pass, and he succeeds. When there’s a shooting at the hospital, Christina performs open-heart surgery on Derek under the most strenuous circumstances possible. It just goes to show that you should always be ready to give it your all.

 8. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

We learned that from Lexie when meeting Meredith, Meredith when being heartbroken, April when failing the boards, and Bailey after getting divorced. Everyone has problems, some worse than others. However, in order for growth or change to occur, you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

 All those hours and days of watching “Grey’s” were worth it. Technically, you were learning. So, next time that someone judges you for re-watching it, just let them know that you are re-enforcing your knowledge.

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