Things to Do Over Winter Break That Are Under $15

10 Things to Do Over Winter Break That Cost Less Than $15


Winter break has finally arrived! This is the time to catch up with family and old friends. With all the holiday gift purchases, your wallet is probably starting to feel a bit light. Don’t let your budget stress you out or keep you from missing out on all the fun! Here are 10 things you can do with your family and friends over college winter break that cost less than $15.

1. Build a gingerbread house

You can buy a gingerbread house kit for a few dollars at the grocery store. You can even host a contest with your friends or family to see who can build the most extravagant one. Best part is, after you build your masterpiece, you can eat it! Yummy!

2. Binge watch a bunch of holiday movies

This is great for a day when you’re feeling lazy. DVD prices can add up quickly, so try getting a Netflix or Hulu subscription instead! Chances are you or one of your college friends already has a subscription. But if not, you can do a free trial for an entire month! And some sites, like Hulu, offer a student discount.

3. Go ice skating

There’s bound to be an ice skating rink nearby that won’t break the bank. Don’t have any skates? Don’t worry, you can rent them at the rink for a few extra dollars.

4. Cook with your mom

This is great bonding time, and a great opportunity to learn some of those secret family recipes! It’s also a great life lesson. Learning to cook is not easy. Cooking at home is so much cheaper than going out to eat, and it’s much healthier, so take advantage! Bonus: your mom will love spending a little extra time with you.

5. Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights

Make some hot cocoa, cue up your holiday playlist, and take a drive around all the neighborhoods! The only cost of this adventure is some gas money.

6. Build a snowman in your backyard

Absolutely free and always fun. You’re never too old to build a snowman or play in the snow. Going sledding is also a great way to spend a day. If it’s snowing where you are, take advantage of the winter weather.

7. Catch up on sleep

You’re going to need to restore your energy for the new semester! Sleep never felt so good.

8. Host a white elephant party

White elephant parties are a great way to gather all your friends together and have some fun. Set the limit at a college budget of ten dollars and let the gift “stealing” begin!

9. Go Christmas caroling

This is a great way to get involved in your community. Don’t worry, it’s not “The Voice.” Just have fun with it!

10. Go take your younger sibling or family member to see Santa Claus

They will love to have their picture taken and it will be a beautiful memory. No kids to take? Well, Pet Smart even hosts a Santa Claus photo op for your dog now. (Not joking.)

Whatever you decide to do over this winter break, make sure you stay safe and stay warm! Happy holidays!

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