The Secret About Your Boyfriend Telling You He “Needs Space”

The Secret About Your Boyfriend Telling You He “Needs Space”

So, your boyfriend is in a crabby mood… the same damn crabby mood he’s been in for like the past three days. All you want is a little attention, and when I say a little, I mean if he would just tell you that you look pretty, you’d literally be over the moon for the next week. So, you try everything you can think of to get that one minuscule drop of precious attention, but every little thing you do only drives him up the wall, making him more and more distant.

At this point, you better not be expecting a text, honey. He’s out with the guys, and, there’s no way he’s gonna waste his precious time responding to his girlfriend who’s so clingy, needy, and annoying because she actually cares, and wants to talk to him.

About three weeks ago, my boyfriend called me and told me he wanted some extra space. I was obviously like what the hell because um, excuse me, you were the one who called me?!The struggle is real… but ladies, so is the solution. Let me tell ya’ll a little story.

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Anyways, when he said that, I felt really sad, but I made myself take on the mindset of, “if that’s how you’re going to treat me, maybe I should be focusing my love and attention on bigger and better things,” so I decided to go downstairs to watch TV with my dad. Before you know it we were cracking jokes, and having so much fun that I didn’t even realize what time it was until I felt my phone buzzing, and saw that my boyfriend was calling me again. I could tell right away that his attitude was the same, but that didn’t matter, because mine had changed. If he didn’t want my attention, he wasn’t going to get it. So, I said, “ Hey! I’m watching TV with my dad right now, and I’m having a good time. Let’s talk later, okay?”

It was like I had cast a freaking magic spell on my boyfriend! His tone changed completely. He told me he missed me, and that he really wanted to talk to me. I told him I promised we’d be able to talk later, and then I ended the call. Within the next ten minutes, he texted me twice, and within the next 30 minutes he tried calling me back. He missed me. He wanted MY attention, and all I had to do was give him space… and maybe just a little taste of his own medicine.

Space is the key, ladies! Space is the final frontier. No man can resist a chase, but most men often resist demonstrating their affection when they feel they don’t have to. When you’re always there and always available, they have nothing to chase. Rather than feeling appreciated, they might just feel smothered. Your job is to make them wonder. Don’t give your man all the power! I know it’s hard to give your man space, especially when you really miss him, or you really need that love, but girl, you can find that love within yourself, and once you know that, he’s gonna know it too. He’ll respect you more for that, and he’ll think that’s so sexy, and it’ll get easier for you to give him space. Now that’s how girls become queens.