19 Signs You're Always Hungry

19 Things People Who Are Always Hungry Understand


1. Your whole world revolves around your next meal

You plan your entire day around when you’ll get to eat. As soon as you finish eating one thing, you’re already planning and looking forward to the next thing you’ll scarf down.

2. Your stomach is basically a bottomless pit

People are constantly asking you where it all goes. Truth is, you have no idea, and you really don’t care. Food is life.

3. If your stomach isn’t growling, you think something is wrong with you

Apparently not everyone’s stomach is always growling?? Weird.

4. The only time you don’t eat a lot is when you’re sick

Everyone who knows you well can tell when you are feeling under the weather. It’s the only time food isn’t the first thing on your mind.

5. Hangry is a very real emotion

People joke about how your bad mood is probably just because you’re hangry. Well, it is. Good job diagnosing that, now what are you going to do about it?

6. You keep emergency snacks everywhere….and you’re constantly restocking them

You don’t go anywhere without some snacks packed. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in a long line at the drive-thru waiting for lunch, or when you’re going to find yourself in a place that doesn’t have food. (We try to avoid these places at all costs.) At least with some emergency snacks, everywhere you go will be a place with food!

7. Food is no joke

You take eating very seriously. You’re practically an expert on all things food, because a big chunk of your day revolves around anything food-related.

8. Grocery shopping is expensive

Imagine that. It costs a lot more when you eat 7 meals a day instead of 3. Who woulda thought.

9. “But we just ate.” “Yeah, and?”

When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Who cares if you just ate. Your stomach is a bottomless pit, remember?

10. You eat when you’re bored.

Sometimes there’s just nothing else to do. Plus, staying ahead of your hunger can help prevent hangry outbursts later in the day. (Another reason emergency snacks are so important!)

11. You’re always craving something

When you’re always thinking about food, it’s hard not to be craving something. Your close friends probably also know that when you tell them you’re craving something, that means you’re hungry (yes, again), and that is the only thing that will fully satisfy you. Oh, it’s 3 a.m.? Too bad, your stomach never sleeps.

12. Places that deliver are your favorite

Bonus points if they advertise super-fast delivery. Extra bonus points if they deliver in the wee hours of the morning. You can’t help it when hunger strikes. People like you are the reason they’re open at 3 a.m.!

13. “Light” snacks are completely useless

What even is the point of a light snack? That will only satisfy you for as long as it takes to chew and swallow.

14. You have a love/hate relationship with Food Network

Since you’re basically obsessed with eating and food in general, it’s always fun to watch all the delicious things being made. However, it’s a lot less fun to watch other people get to enjoy those delicious things instead of you.

15. When it comes to food, yes is always the answer

You never turn down an opportunity to eat. “I’m too full” is for quitters. Hungry people aren’t quitters.

16. “Free food” is your favorite two-word combo

“Sample Saturday” takes a close second.

17. Going on a diet is physically impossible for you

How do people even do that thing called “dieting”? You mean I’m supposed to live off of “light” snacks and not eat on purpose? Heck no, I want Taco Bell and I want it right now.

18. You don’t understand people who “forget to eat”

Can you believe it? Some people actually forget that they’re supposed to eat. It’s amazing to you how some people can go even a whole minute without thinking about the next time they’re going to eat.

19. You avoid situations where there won’t be food available at all costs

A hungry person with no food sends them immediately into survival mode. You aren’t on man vs. wild for a reason. There should be food accessible at every place that is accessible to humans.

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