8 Signs You Just Graduated

8 Signs You Just Graduated

1. You Realize You Don't Have to Set an Alarm

This is probably one of my most satisfying feelings after graduation. You don't have to get up early in the morning for hours of boring class time.

2. You See Posts of Undergrads

Now that you just graduated, you don't have to worry about studying for finals, stressing about writing long papers, and pulling all-nighters (to study, at least). So when you see posts from undergrads on social media about how much they're stressing, don't laugh too hard.

3. You Have to Make Your Own Food

No more waking up and going to the cafeteria whenever you feel like it for pre-made food. This could be a good thing, because you can make sure to eat healthier!

4. "What's Next?" Questions

You'll know you just graduated when family members start hounding you with questions about what the next step is, where you want to work, and if you're applying to 30 jobs a day. This can definitely get annoying and put pressure on you. So take some time to yourself to think about it. You don't need to have it all figured out at this moment, but having a plan is a good start.


5. You Spend Hours Updating Things

Once you graduate, you'll find yourself spending more time than expected updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. You try to find the perfect way to present yourself (and include everything you've accomplished) to make yourself look most appealing to hiring managers. You'll most likely hear that now is the time to put those networking skills to good use.

6. You Spend Hours Job Hunting

Be prepared to dedicate your whole day to job searching. That's right, just the searching part. The applying part is another story. Of course you need to modify your search and apply tactic. Maybe apply to three jobs a day to start. You can gradually increase this number, especially if you have jobs pre-saved and you just need to apply to them. This stress really kicks in when you have to write a cover letter for each job because you don't want to reuse the same one. Personalization is key! Make your cover letter specifically for each job you apply to.

7. Student Loans

Welcome to adulthood. When you realize there's only six months before you have to start paying back your student loans. Yes, the struggle is real. Take advantage of living with your parents so that you can pay off as much of your student loan debt as you can. Until you find a secure job and you are ready to live on your own, it's not a bad idea to pay off as much as you can.

8. You May Not Start Where You Want

During your job hunt, there will be rejections and some non-responses, which is completely normal. But you'll soon find out that your first job post-graduation may not be exactly in the field you majored in. And that's okay. You'll start to feel like any job at this point would be fine. So keep all doors open!