8 Reasons to Go to an Out-of-State School

8 Reasons You Should Go to an Out-of-State School


College is a time of exploration! Going to an out-of-state school certainly increases the level of exploration. I grew up in the heart of the Great Plains, but now I go to school amidst the Rocky Mountains - talk about a change in scenery. Despite the challenges of being far from home, going to an out-of-state school has been absolutely worth it.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should go to an out-of-state school:

1. Experience new religions

Religion has been a huge part of my college experience. The region in which I go to school has a very different variety of sects than my home state. There are also different holidays celebrated- such as Holi festival, that I would not have experienced if I stayed in my home state for school. I’m not saying you need to convert to a different religion, but learning more about others can be a fascinating and eye-opening experience.

2. A change in political positions

Generally, the political climate on college campuses represents the entire spectrum of views and opinions, and varies throughout the country. Attending an out-of-state college provides exposure to perspectives more extreme, or totally contrasting to your own. This can help you make better, educated political decisions and become a more well-rounded citizen.

3. New landscapes

The United States has a plethora of terrain and landscapes that all deserve our exploration. Going to an out-of-state school has given me the opportunity to take a skiing class, to hike mountains, and to see a dormant volcano. See all this country has to offer!

4. New traffic and transportation

This one is random, but so true. Depending on where you are, people drive very differently - and vary in levels of aggression and politeness. Another possibility is you move somewhere where public transit (buses, subways, etc.) is the main mode of transportation. Learning how to commute and base your plans on the bus schedule can be a valuable skill!


5. Distance

This is a pro and a con. Being far away from home is definitely difficult, especially if you have never been away before. However, distance can prove to be a catalyst for maturing and becoming a real adult.

6. Travel

Living in a different state has given me easier access to states I have never visited before, and several national parks I would not have seen otherwise.

7. Historical sites

Chances are, you took a state history class in high school or middle school. But that was focused on your state. Going to an out-of-state school gives you the chance to learn another state’s history, and visiting historical sites and museums can be very enriching.

8. Meet new people

Last of all, going out-of-state for school pretty much guarantees you’re going to meet people with totally different backgrounds than you. This is AWESOME! Friends who are from the state in which you attend school can show you cool places to visit or new restaurants to try, and can teach you things you never thought about before!

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