The Perfect Playlist for Any Mood

The Perfect Playlist for Any Mood

Whatever you are doing at this current moment could be made a thousand times better with one thing. Music! Whether you are showering, cooking, cleaning, studying, or traveling — whatever it may be, you could create the perfect playlist for it, and your experience will automatically be better. With so much music out there, how can you narrow it down for each situation? When making the PERFECT playlist there are a few things you should consider. Ask yourself a couple questions to help narrow down your selection. The obvious one is what kind of music you like, but there are more things you may want to consider beyond choosing a song. Such as, what kind of mood are you in, what kind of mood does this sort of activity call for, and do all these songs flow together?

Say you’re starting off your day like most, and hop in the shower. It’s probably early, so you need some music to get you going. If you have a day full of work, school, and errands, you’ll probably want to get some music on that is going to get you pumped and ready to tackle your day. So you probably want to avoid all sad Adele songs. Find music that inspires you, and will help make you want to excel all throughout the day.

Now, the opposite side of that spectrum could be when you’re preparing for a nice day of doing nothing but hanging out and relaxing. Maybe you just finished your last final, and took the weekend off from work so you had some time to breathe for once. Your shower playlist is going to be much different. You may want to add some slower songs, or ones that just put you in a good mood.

When spring break finally comes around, it is time to make the ultimate throwback playlist for the road trip to the beach. (Usher’s Confessions Part 2 is a must for me.) The entire time you’re going to be singing with your best friends, and you may even have to play some High School Musical. With this playlist your long car ride will be over in no time, and you may even wish that you still had another hour.

Once you hit the beach, you’re going to need some awesome chill vibes throughout the day. Play some old country music, or some Jimmy Buffett to get the ultimate laid back beach experience. When it starts getting later you’re gonna want to grab a drink, and get some of the most recent hits going. It will get everyone ready for a great night out.