12 Things That Are Actually Nice About Finals Week

Things That Are Actually Nice About Final Exam Week

For college students, finals week is usually the most dreaded week of the year. However, not everything about final exam week is awful. Here are 12 silver linings to perk you up during finals week.

1. No FOMO

During finals week, everyone is in the same boat. There is no fear of missing out on a fun event. Library parties are the only type of party that will be happening.

2. You get some freebies

Depending on where you go to school, many perks are often offered during finals week. Some schools serve free late night meals or complementary massages. Puppies are sometimes brought in to help students destress.

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3. You have an excuse to party when it’s over

Time to celebrate! Not having to study any more (until next semester, at least) is such a relief.

4. You get to try new types of coffee and not feel guilty

Excessive amounts of caffeine are basically mandatory. Time to splurge on that new holiday drink at your favorite coffee shop.

5. You don’t have classes

Not having to attend your normal classes means your schedule is much more flexible! You can wake up when you want to and stay up late without worrying about your 8 a.m. class.

6. Everyone looks like crap and nobody cares

During finals week, everyone is way too busy to care about what they look like. Sweatpants and no makeup is the way to go. Low maintenance? How about no maintenance!

7. You have an excuse to be grumpy

Because who could blame you? Final exam week is stressful! Everyone is full of complaints. The upside? Misery loves company. Time to bond with your classmates.

8. The library hours are usually extended

If you are a person who needs to be at the library to focus, then the longer library hours are definitely a perk. Many universities keep their library open 24/7 during finals week.

9. You have a chance to redeem yourself

Even though finals can be stressful, it can be a great opportunity to get a last-minute grade bump. If you work hard and focus, you have the potential to redeem yourself for a previous poor test score. Make or break time!

10. All the funny finals week memes

Tagging your friends in memes on your study breaks is key to staying sane. The best part is they all seem so relatable.

11. You have an extended break to look forward to

In the fall semester, finals are usually right before a month-long holiday break. After the finals in the spring is summer vacation. Even if you’re taking summer classes, you’re likely to get at least a little break.

12. It’s only a week long

It will go by faster than you expect, so keep your chin up!

Whether this is your first finals week in college or your last, try to push through! Make sure you get enough sleep and are eating healthy. If you are not well rested or getting the right nutrition, then you won’t be as successful as you could be! Happy studying everyone!