New Movies You Should Watch This Christmas

7 New Movies You Should Watch This Christmas

Another Christmas holiday is around the corner, which means new Christmas movies are waiting to be released. Here are some of the must-see movies you should see this Christmas!

1. The Grinch

Everyone knows the story of the Grinch, as well as the famous song that reminds us of the aggravated green creature who hates Christmas. This year, a new version of the movie will be in theaters with Benedict Cumberbatch voicing the Grinch. The animation in this film is amazing and the comedy is something for the whole family to enjoy. Some other voices you may recognize are Kenan Thompson, Rashida Jones, and Pharrell Williams.

2. Life Size 2

After watching “Life Size” in 2000, we all wanted our own Eve doll who'd become our best friend. Tyra Banks is back as Eve to shine bright in the new “Life Size 2” movie where she helps an older girl, Grace, get her life back on track. Eve goes on some adventures with Grace and experiences new things that will make you crack up laughing! Although Lindsay Lohan won't be in “Life Size 2,” Tyra mentioned in an interview that Lindsay will be incorporated in a very special way. So make sure you watch to find out how!

3. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

In a continuation of his magical experience, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmaybe), joins Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp), and Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) for another exciting adventure. The story started in the movie “Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them” in 2016. With a screenplay by J.K Rowling, this movie should be just as good as the first.


4. Creed II

Michael B. Jordan returns in “Creed II” with hopes of beating a fighter who he had a personal connection with. Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) will also be in the second film, which he announced will be his last. Creed and Creed II were both filmed and Philadelphia. See it in theaters November 21st.

5. Ralph Breaks the Internet

“Wreck-It Ralph,” an adorable, emotional, and funny film from Walt Disney Studios is now back for a second time. In this second film, Ralph and Vanellope head into the World of Web. The trailers have already told us that just about every Disney Princess and characters from “Star Wars” and the Marvel Universe will be in the movie as well. This will be another great family-friendly movie for all ages to enjoy.

6. Aquaman

We've been waiting since the release of “Justice League” for more information about Aquaman's own movie. Well, it's finally here, and you can catch it in theaters December 14th. This half-Atlantean, half-human superhero tries to keep the peace between the underwater and surface world in this. If you want an action-packed and graphically beautiful movie, this one’s for you.

7. Mary Poppins Returns

54 years after the original “Mary Poppins,” Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda adds a spoonful of sugar to your holiday season. See “Mary Poppins Returns” in theaters December 19th for a fantasy adventure and musical experience that will have you singing familiar songs even after you've left the theater.

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