Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With These Irish Movies

6 Irish Movies to Watch on St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Movies to Watch on St. Patrick's Day

Many people plan their St. Patrick's Day celebration to go to bars, dress up, drink, and party. But if that's not your style or you just want to change it up a bit, you could celebrate by watching some Irish movies!


Starring Jennifer Aniston and Dan O' Grady, this 1993 comedy-horror movie has to be on your watch list. It's about a man who steals 100 coins from a leprechaun while in Ireland. The leprechaun follows the man back to the states but gets captured by the man. Ten years later, Dan O' Grady’s character and his daughter (Jennifer Aniston) rent out the house where the leprechaun is locked up. Their neighbor accidentally releases the leprechaun who then goes on a murderous rage to retrieve his coins. Warwick Davis plays the leprechaun, and the makeup effects are great! If you enjoy the movie, there are also two sequels.

In Bruges

This 2008 crime drama keeps audiences’ attention as it follows two hit men who lay low in Burges, Belgium for a while until their next assignment. During this time Ken finds himself in a romantic relationship while Ray spends most of him time in boredom. After a while, Ray finds a new appreciation for life which becomes unfortunate when he hears what his next assignment is. This film stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson.

The Quiet Man

An oldie but a goodie, The Quiet Man is a 1952 romance drama set in Ireland. It’s about a retired boxer named Sean Thornton. He soon falls in love with a woman named Mary Kate, played by Maureen O'Hara. But problems arise when Mary Kate's brother Will forbids them from marrying. Will challenges Sean to a fight, which Sean declines because of an awful event in his past. But that doesn't stop Will from badgering Sean. The Quiet Man is definitely a classic that you should check out.

The Secret of Kells

Here’s something different for you. The Secret of Kells in an animated film that appeals to both children and adults. The Irish woods, where the movie takes place, is under attack by Vikings. A young boy named Brendan comes across an ancient book with secret powers. He is then recruited by a revered illuminator named Aiden where he must conquer his fears and complete dangerous, magical tasks.

The Guard

You may recognize the actors in this movie, especially if you watch In Bruges. It stars Brendan Gleeson as well as Don Cheadle and Mark Strong. Gleeson plays an aggressive Irish cop who must team up with an uptight F.B.I. agent to demolish a drug-trafficking ring. On their journey, they encounter hysterically funny mishaps and try to uncover police wrongdoings among their superiors.

My Left Foot

Based on a true story, a boy diagnosed and suffering with cerebral palsy was born into an Irish family. No one expects much of Christy Brown, until one day he proves he has control over his body by using his left foot to write with chalk. He overcomes his handicap and becomes an accomplished writer. The movie tells Brown's story through flashbacks, showing his life growing up and how he struggled with communicating. He eventually learns how to paint and write with his left foot. This story is compelling and the acting, especially Christy Brown’s, is amazing.

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