How to Save Money at Starbucks

Starbucks Hacks That Will Change Your Life


If there's any budgeting tip that we've all heard a million and one times it's that cutting back on your coffee habit can save you hundreds of dollars a year. And while you could drastically increase your savings by avoiding Starbucks (and other coffee shops) and making your own coffee, for some people home-brewed coffee just doesn't quite hit the spot. So, if you insist on going out to get your cappuccino, here are a few Starbucks hacks to help you keep your pockets padded while you're at it!

1. Bigger is Better

The first, and most popular, trick is to simply order your drink (especially if it's just your standard drip coffee) in a larger cup. (Ordering a tall drink in a grande cup, for example.) This gives you the added bonus of not missing out on a few gulps of coffee in exchange for some room for milk and sugar!

2. Forget the Ice

Here's a fun secret: if you're paying for an iced anything, you're mostly paying for ice. Save yourself some money and get the same amount of drink by asking for a size smaller but telling the barista to go light on the ice. You end up with the same amount of beverage for about a dollar less!

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3. Split the Drink

This one might seem a little sketchy, but it works just fine and most baristas won’t have a single thing to say to you about it. Rather than ordering two Tall frappes next time you're at Starbucks, spend a few dollars less and order one Venti and ask for two empty Tall cups. As long as you split the 24 oz. Venti into the two 12oz Tall cups yourself, the baristas will almost always look the other way.

4. DIY Lattes

Instead of forking over money for a latte, which usually costs about two dollars more than a plain tea or coffee, simply order a plain chai and add in the milk yourself at the bar! Whether the milk is steamed or not hardly changes the flavor, and you'll save a lot!

5. Little Savings That Add Up

From getting the Starbucks app and getting a couple free drinks a year, to bringing your own cup and getting a 10 cent discount every time you order, there are ways to bring the cost of your daily dose down by a marginal amount. Over time the savings are definitely worth it!

Don't forget that you are in complete control of your finances, and yes, maybe it is easier to just order the drink like a normal person, but in the long run, which choice will future you be thankful for?


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