How Exercise Affects Men and Women Differently

How Exercise Affects Men and Women Differently

Whether it’s to get in shape, stay healthy, or relieve stress, many people love (or force themselves to) exercise. But when it comes to how men and women exercise, the routines – and the results - often differ.

Losing weight is more of a challenge for most women than it is for men

When they put a restriction on their calorie intake, men tend to lose more body fat than women. This is because men already have more muscle mass to begin with, and they also have a faster resting metabolism than women do. To top it off, men also tend to have more lean muscle tissue, helping them to burn more calories.  Women tend to not respond as well to diets with low calories because of their stress hormones, which promote fat storage. If a woman wants to lose weight, her best bet is combining diet with exercise.

Leave the cardio to the women

Women produce energy more aerobically, so cardio benefits women more than men. Women should be focusing more on doing sprints, jogging, running, and things like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principles like short, intense bursts of exercise with an active recovery or full rest. On the other hand, men are more anaerobic and would benefit more with strength training since they are prone to building greater muscle. Ladies, now is the time to try that HIIT class you’ve been eyeing!

Your metabolism makes a difference

Men and women have differences when it comes to metabolism. While women tend to burn more carbs at rest, men burn more calories. Women naturally have more body fat, so they also have a better blood sugar tolerance. This may be since women tend to have higher estrogen levels than men. Biologically, women are inclined to have more body fat because these fat stores will be used during pregnancy and lactation. This helps with improving their insulin health and their ability to burn glucose.

Parts of the body are more dominant than others

Women are also naturally more quad dominant because they have wider hips than men, making it easier for them to focus more on working on the back of their legs, glutes, and hamstrings. This means it is harder for women to build upper body strength, but easier for them to improve lower body strength. In contrast, men tend to favor their upper body when working out, simply because it is easier for them. If you’ve ever wondered why guys are always complaining about leg day, now you know why.

It’s a tradeoff

When it comes to muscle building and strength training, both men and women can achieve results. It will, however, generally take women longer to build muscle than men. For a woman wanting to build muscle, regular strength exercises and a balanced diet are essential. And it may take longer to see results. Men, however, will probably see the results of their lifting routines sooner. On the flip side, women are naturally more flexible and have better balance. So, improve on what you are genetically inclined to be good at, and challenge yourself when it comes to the activities that don’t come to you naturally.

All in all, men and women may notice different results from working out, but don’t let that discourage you! Everyone has a different body, so listen to yours, and do what’s best for you. See you at the gym!