8 New Holiday Traditions You Can Start in College

8 Holiday Traditions You Can Start in College


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to celebrate with friends? Holiday traditions never get old, and to be honest they never stop being fun either. Grab your closest pals and plan to make the most of the holiday season by making some new traditions!

1. Baking holiday cookies

Make sure you have a sweet tooth for the holidays, because there will be cookies and a lot of them. Gather around in the kitchen to bake a ton of holiday themed cookies. Don’t forget to leave some out for Santa!

2. Ugly Christmas sweater party

The uglier the sweater, the better. They might not be the cutest, but they sure are warm and cozy. Invite your friends over for a night of holiday festivities as you count down the days until Christmas.

3. Christmas movie marathon

Is it even the holidays if you’re not binge watching all the classic Christmas movies? Clear your schedules because you won’t be doing much except enjoying the company of your friends, the warmth of hot chocolate, and of course some amazing Christmas films.


4. Decorating your apartment

Bring out the wreaths, the tinsel, and yes, the Christmas tree. What better way to bond with your roommates than to blast Christmas songs and decorate a tree with ornaments. With your apartment decorated in Christmas decorations, you will be in the holiday spirit until the new year begins.

5. White elephant party

Host a white elephant party and take gift-giving to a new level. Invite your friends over and tell them to bring a wrapped gift. Your guests’ names will be placed in a jar or box and once their name is pulled out, they get to choose from the pile of gifts. The next player can choose between stealing a gift that has already been unwrapped, or selecting a new one from the pile.

6. Volunteering

Give back to those in need during the holiday season. Donate your time and make sure that those who are less fortunate can have a wonderful Christmas.

7. Secret Santa

Assign each one of your friends a different person to buy gifts for. Select a minimum and maximum price for gifts and have everyone make a list of items they would like to receive. Be surprised as you find out who your secret Santa is.

8. Gingerbread houses

You can choose to eat them or simply just decorate them. Whether you use edible decorating tools or not to make your little house, you will be sure to have a wonderful time bonding and making memories with your friends.

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