11 Healthy Sweet Snacks

Sweet Tooth? Here Are 11 Healthy Sweet Snacks

Sweet Healthy Snacks

Looking for some simple snacks that are healthy and delicious? Look no further!

These snacks are a perfect mixture of healthy, sweet, and easy. Life is hectic, it’s easy to just buy a candy bar from a vending machine or take a bag of chips to go. With only a few ingredients you can make healthy and delicious snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Banana “nice” cream

This is one of my favorite treats! It tastes like ice cream with no guilt! Pro tip: just keep pulsing the food processor - it takes longer than you’d think and the banana and other ingredients will look crumblier before it gets creamy.

Almonds & chocolate chips

There is no recipe required here: simply mix almonds and chocolate chips in a bag and enjoy! Almonds are a great source of fiber, protein, antioxidants, are low in calories - these are just a few health benefits they offer! And, well, sometimes you just need some chocolate.

Apples and peanut butter

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Enjoy the contrasting sweet and salty flavors while getting your fill of antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and protein!

Green smoothies

Green smoothies are the best! You can drink your daily dose of vegetables without even having to taste them because they taste like fruit! Some vegetables taste a little stronger, so try adding honey as a sweetener.

Oven dried strawberries

This one takes a lot more time than the other recipes but oh, is it worth the wait to eat this sweet treat!

Flourless banana pancakes

These are SO good! Whether you can’t eat flour, or you’re just looking for a healthier breakfast (or anytime) snack, these are for you!

Homemade cereal bars

You only need three ingredients to make these homemade cereal bars, and they taste AMAZING!

Oatmeal energy bites

This simple recipe only calls for five ingredients and has NO added sugar, and a little dose of chocolate.

Cinnamon apples

This recipe is so convenient, you can make it in the microwave! Substitute sugar for honey or maple syrup and top with granola to make it a little healthier!

Ants on a log

This one is simple: celery (or banana, or a healthy food of your choice) + layer of peanut butter + chocolate chips = a delicious and healthy treat.

Frozen fruit

Last, but certainly not least, and probably the simplest: frozen fruit. My personal favorite is raspberries, but all of it is good! I love this treat in the summer. No need to thaw it out or heat it up, just snack!

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