Halloween in College: Expectations vs. Reality

Halloween in College: Expectations vs. Reality

College students all across the nation look forward to Halloween. For these students, it is a time where they can go all out and just let loose. They believe that this time of year is a validation and rationalization for them to get wild.

While this may be true, college students have such high expectations when it comes to parties, costumes and whatnot. They have been accustomed to the media’s portrayal of what goes down on Halloween. The reality is, that it’s not always going to go the way they planned or expected.

Girls’ Costumes:

Expectations: Harley Quinn

Reality: Velma

On Halloween, every girl goes all out and tries their best to be the hottest girl in town. They expect to dress like Harley Quinn or Cat Woman in very revealing outfits, and get all the attention they can, but they end up looking like Velma from Scooby Doo and don’t get the attention they were hoping for.

Guys’ Costumes:

Expectations: Gladiator

Reality: Mall Cop

Guys think girls absolutely love hunks, and, with this mindset, they try to pick costumes that best outline their muscles. They try to be a gladiator, but they end up just looking like an average mall cop. A mall cop doesn’t really attract the ladies.


Expectations: Project X

Reality: College Frat Party

Because it’s Halloween, everyone expects that they can just enter any party and expect that it will be as wild as Project X. In reality, Halloween parties are just like any other college frat party, where there are rules about getting in. You either need to have a decent guy-to-girl ratio, or “refreshments” to get in. Without either of the two, there’s a very small chance of you getting in.

If you do get in, it’s not even that big. It’s just a dance party with a bunch of random people, cramped up in one room, making the whole place musky and crowded.


Expectations: No consequences

Reality: Cops

College students like to get rowdy at parties. They get even more rowdy at Halloween parties. They expect that cops are more lenient just because it’s a holiday. In reality, cops think the opposite. Cops are extra cautious on Halloween because they know people get extra wild on this day. There’s a good chance you will find five times as many cops than you do on a normal weekend. A cop can be seen at every street corner, waiting for a complaint or a party that gets out of hand. Not everyone is getting away from the cops on this night.

These situations don’t happen to everyone, but, for the majority, this is how it usually turns out. Yes, your expectations will probably not be met, but you will still have an amazing night.  Either way, you’ll still have fun. The one thing everyone has to keep in mind is to make sure you know your limits and that you have a designated driver. For that night and every other night, just stay safe