How to Find the Time and Motivation to Stay Fit in College

How to Find the Time and Motivation to Stay Fit in College

We all know the importance of staying healthy. We've seen the documentaries, public service announcements, and the commercials. Social media is constantly buzzing with all the new diet and exercise fads.

But as a college student, it's easy to find yourself avoiding, if not completely ignoring, important tasks in favor of the things that really seem important to us at the time.

When was the last time you were thinking about working out and then changed your mind? Or when did you last say the words, "I don't have time to exercise." Keep that in mind as I say what I'm about to say to you.

If you have ever, ever said to anyone, including yourself, that you just don't have the time, you're wrong.

Unless you're a person who is completely devoted to multiple clubs, taking 20+ credit hours, and working full time, chances are you spend hours a day doing absolutely nothing of value: i.e. perusing your various social media feeds, staring blankly at a wall, watching Netflix or YouTube videos about nothing in particular, reading blog posts on websites you're not really sure why you're on, etc.

Little things add up to big things, making your day seem cramped and overwhelming, because after all of that you still have school and studying and oh my goodness isn't it so hard to find time to breathe.

Look, I get it. We're all procrastinators by nature. (At least, most of us are.) And college is rough.

I can make it simple and tell you this: put down your phone. Turn off your computer. Get yourself to the gym or to the mountains or to a yoga mat and move.

Honestly, it's not that hard once you start.

But if you're dead set on not having enough time, try this: Next time you're checking your Instagram, check it on a stationary bike, or while fast-walking somewhere instead of driving.

Next time you're watching Netflix, throw in a few jumping jacks, a few pushups, and a few squats. Make your passivity an opportunity for activity, and you'll find you have plenty of time to exercise without ever changing your schedule. Little movements make a big difference in your quality of living.

You have the time to exercise.

You just have to use it. I promise you, it is so worth it.

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