6 Things You Need to Do During Fall Semester Your Senior Year of College

6 Things You Need to Do Fall Semester Senior Year of College

It’s your final year in college, and the big question of what your life will be once it’s over becomes even harder to ignore. Here are a few things you should do during fall semester senior year of college in order to ensure that your time at the commencement ceremony is filled with relief and not panic.

1. Apply to graduate schools.

Regardless of whether you are planning to go or not, it is always important to keep your options open. If you took the GRE or GMAT but aren’t sure if grad school is what you want, apply to a couple anyway. It might help you decide your next steps in life.

2. File the FAFSA.

Whether you decide to go to graduate school or not, it’s best to have your FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) complete in case you do. The FAFSA opens up on October 1 every year, so be on the lookout while gathering all the necessary information.

3. Attend career fairs/networking events.

Whether or not you plan on going to grad school, you’ll probably need to find a job either way. In order to increase your chances of landing that dream job (…or an entry-level), it’s important that you begin to meet and interact with people that could help get you there. Check with your college to see when the next career fair or networking event will be held.

4. Stock up on professional attire.

All you ever wore in undergrad were t-shirts, ripped jeans, and yoga pants. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t fly for career and networking events and most companies in the “real world.” Start stocking up on professional attire now. Doing it all at once might be financially overwhelming - after all, you’re still a broke college student – but by getting a few basics every professional needs once or twice a month, you’ll be able to build up a nice wardrobe by the time you need to put it to use.

5. Start looking for potential employers you’d want to work with.

Employers are impressed when applicants are aware and interested in how their company works. Try to learn background information on them before applying. This might also help you decide whether your undergraduate education is enough to fulfill the requirements of your desired job.

6. Go to a sporting event at your school.

This is your final fall semester as an undergraduate student. This is meaningful. Try to have fun, and show your school pride by going to a sporting event. Get in the school spirit and create lifelong memories with your friends.

Your fall semester senior year is an exciting yet nostalgic time. Try to take advantage of all the resources your school has to offer while also maintaining your social life – after all, you’ll only be a college senior once!

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