Eco-Friendly Clothing Stores That Don’t Sacrifice Style

Eco-Friendly Clothing Stores You May Not Have Heard Of



This store is fun and focuses on the best stylish clothes and accessories made by artisans. If you’re looking for great summer outfits, check out Accompany online for dresses, jumpsuits, jewelry, and bags.

Dolores Haze

This online store is inspired by subversive femininity. They advocate for fundamental human rights, and aren’t afraid to talk about things that affect women. Their clothing uses vintage and sustainable textiles, and they produce their clothes to have the least damaging effect on the Earth.

Azura Bay

Azura Bay has a unique collection of ethical, eco, and organic lingerie, loungewear, sleep, and swimwear. This online store focuses on being fun and feeling confident. Their high-quality clothes are made eco-friendly. They also donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization of your choice.

Passion Lili

A fair trade and eco-friendly apparel brand whose mission is to empower artisans by creating dignified job opportunities across the world. They use natural plant or vegetable-based dyes in their products. What’s awesome is that the fabrics are washed by hand and then dried in the sun and leftover scraps are used for accessories and handicrafts.


Peri uses sustainable and ethical products like organic cotton, hemp, tencel, and bamboo, all manufactured in Los Angeles. Peri has unique pieces of clothing and is always searching for new ways to create and grow their brand.

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Everlane is about transparency and giving their customers the right to know what their products cost to make and where they are made. The clothes are designed to last, and every Black Friday, Everlane donates their profits to those who work at their factories.


Nisolo is known best for their handmade leather shoes for men and women. They range from boots, sandals, flats, sneakers, heels, and more. This store collaborates with artisans in Peru. They provide fair wages and full-time employment to their artisans.

Rent the Runway

This store is best for their special occasion designer rentals. That’s right, I said rentals. Sharing clothing reduces waste and is super environmentally friendly! You can rent the items of clothing you like most from luxury designers for weddings, interviews, or other important nights out. Once you’re done, don’t worry about washing because you can send it back and they’ll take care of the dry cleaning. Plus, you save tons of space in your closet!

Groceries Apparel

This store loves using organic materials to create beautiful clothing. All products are made in Los Angeles. They use local materials and reduce waste by carefully designing their clothes. They offer the trendiest color palettes and all of their pieces are versatile. Shop Groceries Apparel for a fun night out or a lazy day studying.


This store uses eco-friendly fibers in their clothing and has reduced water, dye, and energy usage by fifty percent. If you’re into wearing different types of denim, shop here. DL1961 incorporates durability and sustainability in their clothes so they’ll last and keep you fresh and fashionable.


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