How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

10 Tips for Dealing With a Long Distance Relationship in College


Long distance relationships can be extremely hard, especially in college. They can get complicated and feel lonely, but here are some tips on how things could work out.

1. View the relationship as a way to grow in your love for your partner.

The distance will make small things such as holding hands or going out to eat a big deal. It will allow you to be excited for the time you do have together, rather than resent the time away.

2. Communicate regularly, and through various mediums (text, call, video-chat, social media, etc).

Make sure you are talking about the things you would normally talk about if you were not in a long-distance relationship, both the small things and the big things. Text throughout the day, but don’t forget to call or video chat every once in a while.

3. Send unexpected gifts.

This is a way you could show you care while not being able to do so in-person. Purchases do not have to be expensive — it can be a new book or a chocolate bar. Either way, it is a good way to show you care.

4. Write letters back and forth to each other.

They do not necessarily have to be long and detailed, they can just have a simple heart and an “I love you,” or it can be the picture of the two of you with a note attached. Either way, it is something physical that your partner can keep reminding him or her how much you care as well.

5. Visit each other often, as money, time, and distance allow.

Plan a visit every month or every week if you live close enough. It will be something both of you can look forward to.

6. Don’t forget to enjoy time with friends and family.

Your world can start to revolve around your partner because it is harder when you cannot physically be somewhere with them, but do not forget about the other people in your life.

7. Be honest if something is not working or if you have any concerns about your relationship.

Don’t hide your feelings of jealousy or fear, or anything else. Make sure you talk about these things with your partner.

8. Recognize when things are not going too well.

If the two of you need a break, or if you need to end the relationship, make sure there is open communication on both parts. Otherwise, it can be messy.

9. Have friends who you can talk to about the relationship as well.

It always helps to have someone you can vent to and just ask their opinion on. Getting an outside perspective may help ease your concerns or help you see something in a new light.

10. Do not cheat on your partner.

Although this should be an obvious tip to follow in any relationship, people seem to be more tempted to go down this road in long-distance relationships. It can be from not seeing your partner often enough, or any other reason. But if you cannot avoid temptations, a long-distance relationship is not for you — or any relationship for that matter.

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